Back to basics workout in Dubai

New group promoting fad-free fitness on JBR


Kelly Ann Crane reports on a new no-nonsense outdoor fitness class that’s quickly amassing devotees.

Head to a large expanse of grass facing the sea at The Beach on The Walk, JBR and you’ll see a group of people partaking in a fitness activity with a difference. There is no yelling from military-style trainers, no stuffy gym studio, no complicated routines and no scary-looking equipment.

The Workout takes things back to basics – in every sense. Push-ups, sit-ups, plank, squat, mountain climbers, shuttle runs, sprint runs, bicep curls and triceps dips among others, make up the basis of this ‘old-school’ workout.

Corey Oliver, founder and managing director of Original Fitness Company created the regime in a response to the over-complicated, equipment-dependent fads seen in fitness. ‘There are too many gimmick classes doing the rounds,’ he says. ‘We want people to get back to the idea that you have to work hard to get results. It’s that simple. No false promises, just hard work and results.’

The programme aims to not only improve fitness but inspire the participants by getting them outside the confines of the gym, Oliver, explains the benefits: ‘During the fitness sessions all participants must be facing the ocean during the class, it has a feelgood, calming effect – the evening sunset is amazing.’

Whether weight loss, getting fit or just an overall lifestyle change, The Beach Workout is a high-intensity, cardio circuit class without the bootcamp aspect. Just don’t think that you’ll be let off easy, says Oliver.

Expect to sweat to within an inch of your life,’ he adds. ‘You’ll be pushed to the limit both mentality and physically, but expect results.’

Those that need even more of push with their push-ups and are looking to monitor their fitness progress can try the Workout 30-day challenge. It’s a transformation body and lifestyle challenge, incorporating The Workout sessions, but also putting participants in charge of their weightloss targets. The first one started this month and participants can ‘hop’ on board at any time.

As part of the 30-day challenge Oliver and the team host a seminar on the importance of optimal nutrition, hydration, sleep and exercise before things get serious. ‘A “before” photograph, a fitness assessment along with a Body Composition Assessment (BCA) on our Inbody machine, the best on the market, will leave no room for error,’ says Oliver.

Over the 30 days The Workout fitness sessions are completed and daily reports on food consumption and sleep must be submitted. At the end of the four weeks there is another BCA, the ‘after’ photograph taken and results compared.

Oliver says participants could lose around 1.5kg of fat a week, making it an effective summer training scheme. Oliver feels the method of comparing measurements pre- and post training helps give participants a real picture of their achievements. ‘It’s the hard evidence you require to really start understanding about weight loss,’ says Oliver. ‘Anyone can lose fluid and believe the scales when they say kilos have been dropped.’

‘The participants are held accountable in our sessions,’ says Oliver. ‘This isn’t a quick fix. But it’s about hard work and being given the right information and support to succeed.’
Free first session, Dhs75 per session. Dhs500 for the 30-day challenge. Sun, Tue and Thu 6am, 6.30pm and 7.30pm. Fri 8am. Ongoing. Original Fitness Company, The Beach, The Walk, JBR, (04 311 6571).

Other beach workouts

Stand-up paddleboarding
Tone up, keep fit and learn to paddleboard on the calm seas around the Palm.
Dhs100 for one hour. Ignite Surf School UAE, Riva Beach Club, Shoreline Apartments Building 7-8, Palm Jumeirah, (055 601 0997).

Surf Fit
This hour-long beach-based physical fitness regime is suitable for surfers and non-surfers. Expect a clever mix of beach and water-based exercises.
Single classes cost Dhs150 or Dh1,200 for eight lessons. Surf Dubai, Umm Suqeim Open Beach, (050 459 2672).

Personal training with Regime
A one-to-one fitness experience with a qualified and experienced personal trainer in a location with a great view. Perfect for people with a hectic schedule.
Dh2,750 for ten sessions plus Dh50 per session for the venue hire. The Shack, Kite Beach, behind Sunset Mall, Umm Suqeim (04 366 3234).

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