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Now things are getting serious

Now things are getting serious. If you’re looking for the ultimate heart-stopping activity, it doesn’t come more panic-inducing than throwing yourself out of an airborne plane. Skydiving is on every daredevil’s bucket list, and Skydive Dubai is one of the premier skydiving locations in the world. So don’t put it off any longer – now is the time to do it.

Experienced staff with thousands of jumps under their belts and the best equipment on the market make Skydive Dubai one of the safest and most enjoyable facilities of its kind in the world, and there can be no better view as you plummet to earth than the Palm Jumeirah stretching out into the water. You can enjoy it for longer as well, as the full altitude jump (4,000m) is higher than most you’ll be offered around the world, allowing for more freefall time. Solo jumps for experienced skydivers and a skydiving training school plan are available, but if you just want to experience the feeling of hurtling through the sky as gravity pulls you to earth once, then a tandem jump (where you jump attached to an expert) is for you.

Check the rules and restrictions posted online before booking your jump.
Dhs1,999 for a tandem jump with digital stills and a video of your experience. Skydive Dubai, Dubai Marina, (04 377 8888).

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