Flyboarding available in Dubai

The most futuristic of watersports is now available in Dubai

Looking like something firmly from the future, the Flyboarding craze has hit the emirates and is growing rapidly in popularity. Created by French jet-ski designer Franky Zapata, the Flyboard enables riders to use water pressure to ‘fly’ above the sea. The science behind it all is surprisingly simple; riders wear a life jacket and helmet for safety, and stand strapped into a board, much like a small wakeboard. This is connected to a jet ski with a 10m pipe, which pumps water into the board. The jet-ski engine supplies power to pump the water into the board, and that’s what allows it to rocket up to 10m above the sea, with the instructor firmly on the jet ski controlling the pressure at all times. You don’t even need to be able to swim, so almost anybody can have a go.

SeaRide Dubai offers a minimum 30-minute session where after a short safety briefing and instructions on how the board works, they will have you up and away in 15 minutes. If you spend more time, or try it regularly, you can be confidently doing tricks and back flips within a few sessions. Head to Jumeirah Harbour to see this extreme sport close up, or dive straight in and try it out for yourself.
Dhs300 per 30 minutes session. SeaRide Dubai, Al Souq Harbour, Jumeirah, (055 157 9393).

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