Flying lessons in Dubai

Get an aviation experience to remember and even start learning to fly


Jazirah Aviation Club offers fun flights and joy rides for passengers as well as flight training and pilot permits for a range of aircraft; this Ras Al Khaimah-based aviation club is the best and only place to come if you’re keen to get behind the controls yourself or let the pros show you how it’s done. The club’s fleet includes fixed-wing LSA (light sport aircraft), advanced certified microlights, gyrocopters, powered parachutes and paramotors, so whether you’re after a ‘standard’ flying experience or a hair-raising open cockpit experience, whether you prefer wings, blades or just a parachute above you, Jazirah Aviation Club has you covered.

The club’s fixed-wing LSA and weight shift microlight training courses lead to a pilot’s licence, following a syllabus that’s approved by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). The LSA course is split into two phases – 25 hours of ground school training and 25-30 hours flight time, which includes solo and dual flying. You’ll also need to pass a final handling test before a permit is issued. The microlight course is 20 hours and costs Dhs500 per hour. If you’ve already got your microlight or higher-category licence, the club also offers a shorter training session and proficiency check that will get you a permit issued by the club.

Paramotor training, meanwhile, involves three stages and costs Dhs5,000. The first covers ground handling over three to five days, during which you’ll be introduced to the sport, shown the equipment and taught how to handle it, after which you should be able to fully control the paraglider. The second stage lasts two days and covers take-off and landing, while stage three is all about practising what you’ve learnt, including around ten take-offs and landings with motor.
Fun flights: fixed wing LSA from Dhs250 (20 minutes); microlight Dhs300 (20 minutes); check the website for the full price list and additional training costs. Al Jazira Aviation Club, Umm Al Quwain-Ras Al Khaimah Road,, (07 244 6416 /
055 553 1318).

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