Paragliding in Dubai

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Not it's a motorised flight machine over Dubai

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Fancy soaring like a bird? Paragliding offers the ultimate in serenity mixed with adrenaline-fuelled excitement as you glide high in the sky over the ocean. With paragliding, despite the lack of a motorised engine, it’s possible for flights to last multiple hours and cover hundreds of kilometres, but gliders normally fly for up to two hours covering a smaller distance. There are only a few dedicated areas in the UAE for paragliding and the Micro-Aviation Club utilises the Dibba area on the Abu Dhabi/Dubai border where there’s a 350m-high takeoff site facing the ocean. There are also some sites in Ras Al Khaimah that the company utilises if conditions are good. The club’s qualified European instructors are members of the Emirates Aviation Association and FAI. It takes around ten full days to become a qualified flyer, but the length of time will depend on the skill of the student, the number of times per week they can attend and of course on weather conditions. Training courses involve theory, supervised ground work, safety issues and landing and take-off practise. At this stage, flying altitude will not be more than 30-35 metres and the duration of the flight only a couple of seconds. The club can also issue UAE licences, which can then be converted to international or another country’s licence.
Training fees are Dhs5,000, Dhs700 for the yearly Emirates Aviation Association registration fee.

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