6 things to know about Liquido UAE

Get a quick class in the global activewear business Liquido

Their first international concept store opened in the buzzing district of Jumeirah, in the newly renovated J3 Mall in February. We get a lesson in Liquido UAE from owner Salwa Hachem.

They have a great Instagram account
We noticed people were attracted the most to our sportswear collection, this is what made us keep posting about yoga. They were doing these amazing yoga poses that people are actually loving, even I got inspired by them, I started doing yoga after I saw these poses and met them. We see what’s working the most then we post that.
Most of the pictures we have are with Daniella Braga who is a Victoria’s Secret Angel because we have a contract with her she’s one of our models. We have other actors and actresses who are Brazilian as well. We’re trying to post people who will inspire others. We just started so we’re not that big. We don’t know that many yogis who are famous in Dubai but this is what we want to do later on.

They do big business in Brazil

We have over 160 shops in Brazil, this is exactly what I want to do in the Middle East. Grow and let people have easy access. We want to open in Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE. We started here {in Jumeirah] because there was nowhere else we could start. Now we’re on waiting lists at Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall. Besides doing the e-commerce in the Middle East. We want to open later on in Lebanon, Egypt, Canada, Colombia, Latin America…Yapparel is the first wholesale we’re doing here. We want to target Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales…

Once you go Brazilian you can’t go back
I was born and raised in Latin America. I always travelled to Brazil with my family, and every year we always got our swimwear from there because I never found anything in Dubai we could wear. Once you get used to wearing the Brazilian cut you cannot wear anything else. I saw here in Dubai, every single store I used to go in had beautiful designs but they didn’t have a Brazilian cut. So I started bringing them home. The girls were going mad and were buying everything. So I thought I need to open a shop because they want more, a lot of girls are not finding what they want which is a Brazilian bikini. I went to see the owners in Brazil and I just fell in love with the brand. I was 100 per cent sure it was going to work and that everyone was going to love it the same way I do.

It’s not just the cool prints people love…
It’s the material. Brazilian Lycra. Once you’re wearing it, the reason why girls love it is that it’s going to shape your body in a beautiful way. In the summer you don’t really feel you’re wearing anything on top of you because it’s so light. Even men say “thank goodness”. The men’s collection is pretty small and they’re asking for more. They can run outside in the summer and they don’t feel they’re wearing anything. So it makes us work even harder to bring a bigger collection to all of them.

They’re constantly keeping up with customer demand
The main thing is not to make people bored. We try not to repeat our designs. Once a pattern is done, we don’t have to get another one. We choose what people want to buy according to patterns or colours we choose accordingly. And you have to be really quick. We have a famous yogi in Australia, her name is Tiffany Cruikshank, everyone is waiting for that collection. That is one of the collections I have to bring from Brazil because people requested.

People can’t get enough of their leggings
We have the swimwear, sportswear, casualwear, accessories, hats and flip flops. We’re really strong in the activewear. I had to reorder [the yoga leggings] within a month. I don’t think that’s happened to someone who recently opened a shop. Also our beachwear because we had a designer do it for us and it was a little more expensive than the regular stuff we have in the store. It’s inspired by the 70s and they’re just loving them.

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