Must-have workout items in Dubai

Top clothing for your workouts in Dubai

Keeping fit over the summer is a hot and sweaty business, especially if you train outdoors. But a number of brands have launched sports gear designed to keep you super-cool while you focus on keeping trim. Here’s our pick of some of the must-haves.

Columbia Omni-Freeze Zero
Ideal for outdoor exercise enthusiasts who won’t be deterred by rising temperatures, the Omni-Freeze Zero range includes T-shirts, shorts, visors and vest tops all made with a specially shaped flat yarn that allows the release of heat from the body, leaving the skin feeling cooler and avoiding the usual sweaty, sticky T-shirt scenario. While not the most fashionable kit, it is certainly practical, comfortable and breathable.
Dhs110 (T-shirt). Columbia, various locations including The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai (04 434 1280).

Puma PWR Cool
Puma’s new PWRCool range, (including Ignite PWRCool trainers), is designed to keep the body at an optimal temperature to preserve energy while working out. The stylish, sporty collection works by using highly functional materials that draw sweat away from the skin and allow air to flow in and regulate the wearer’s body temperature. The tech was tested successfully on track and field athletes in Jamaica, including the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt. And since it works for him, we’re sold.
Dhs570 (Ignite PWRCool) Puma, various locations including The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, (04 434 0204).

Mission Enduracool
This range is designed by athletes for athletes. Co-founded by champion tennis player Serena Williams, baseball All-Star David Wright and US women’s football champion Mia Hamm, the targeted collection of Enduracool products are activated by water. Athletes must simply wet them, wring them out and allow air to circulate into the material. The fabric cools to approximately 30°C below the average body temperature in under a minute, and the cooling effects last for hours. The range has some novel items including the tube scarf, which can be worn in 12 different ways to cool the head or neck and an instant cooling lightweight towel, which must be soaked and snapped to activate its cooling effects. We reckon this could also come in handy when chilling at the beach.
Dhs90. Available at Stadium Sports, various locations including The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, (04 434 0641).

Adidas Climachill
This range proves that wearing black can keep you cool. The collection of light and breathable gear, suitable for footballers, runners and tennis players, works through its 3D aluminium-cooling spheres strategically located on the back and neck – the warmest areas of the body – to provide an instant cooling sensation. The micro fibre flat yarn fabric allows the garment to act like mesh and transports excess moisture away from the skin. The range is available in a selection of minimal tank tops, T-shirts and shorts.
Dhs145 (T-shirt). Adidas, various locations including The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, (04 434 0836).

Nike Dri-fit Cool
Those who want to look good while working out, as well as keep cool, will be happy to knock out a few more reps in this collection. Nike Dri-fit encourages quick evaporation by pulling sweat away from the surface of the skin, helping its wearer stay cool and dry. This season’s collection includes some trend-driven, loose-fit women’s tank tops.
Dhs239. Nike, various locations including Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha, (04 341 0933).

Reebok Les Mills

Reebok has teamed up with fitness programmer Les Mills to create a range of sportswear for men and women who love group exercise. Garments including leggings and T-shirts are made from soft and stretchy nylon and spandex, as well as a polyester, cotton and rayon blend, while its strategically placed PlayIce mesh zones will keep the body cool.
Dhs195 (men’s T-shirt), Dhs325 (leggings). Reebok, various locations including The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai (04 434 0606).

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