Golf lessons for kids

We speak to Golf DXB about the fun golf lessons available for kids

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Tell us a little bit about the golf club
The venue is the Track Meydan Golf right next to the famous Meydan racecourse. It is a nine hole golf course that is floodlit, making it very accessible to avid golfers. The practice facilities are also floodlit making night golf sessions available.

Tell us what coaching options are available to kids?
Golf DXB has a junior golf programme held both within schools and also at the Track Meydan Golf. The children progress through the school programme with short golf equipment (plastic clubs) and then graduate to the real golf course using metal clubs. We offer programmes for the three school terms each year which are roughly all nine weeks long. Our database also have the chance to enrol in summer camps, Eid camps, half term camps and Christmas camps.

From what age can kids sign up for golf?
The children can start from as young as five years and are in the programme until the age of 12, although we are looking to expand to high school children in 2016.

What are the benefits of taking golf lessons from an early age?
We firmly believe in basing the sessions on fundamental movement where the children learn the correct movement and skills required to attain a technically good golf swing. This develops the children far quicker than just having them hitting shots for an hour. We also base the sessions on fun games so the children can really enjoy golf in a fun and dynamic way. The kids love this! The in-school activities are based around all aspects of the game such as putting, chipping, pitching and full shots. Once they progress to the golf course they have a chance to play on the course and in tournaments on a monthly basis which gives them valuable experience of the game.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
Myself and partner Tom Green are the new owners and current coaches at Golf DXB. Tom has been involved in this programme for two years and I have been involved since September last year.

How many coaches teach at the club?
The coaches are myself and my business partner Tom Green. We are both PGA professionals and junior coaching specialists.

Is it an affordable sport?
This is a very affordable programme with sessions costing just Dhs100 per session. We’ll start again at the end of September.

What do kids love about playing golf?
The children love how challenging the sport is but also the fun way in which we deliver the lessons via games and physical exercise. This keeps the children engaged for the full duration which in turn spurs them on to learn and excel at the sport from a young age.

What are the future plans for the kids’ coaching?
Our main aim is to grow junior golf in the UAE and to give children a chance to participate in a lifelong sport that provides key life skills. We took over the business at the end of last month and have lots of fresh ideas and exciting opportunities for those enrolling into our programme.
Golf DXB, Track Meydan Golf Course. Visit for more information.

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