Rugby World Cup fixtures: Dubai time

See when you and against who you team is playing

Pool A

September 18, 11pm
England v Fiji

September 20, 5.30pm
Wales v Uruguay

September 23, 7.45pm
Australia v Fiji

September 26, 11pm
England v Wales

September 27, 3pm
Australia v Uruguay

October 1, 7.45pm
Wales v Fiji

October 3, 11pm
England v Australia

October 6, 11pm
Fiji v Uruguay

October 10, 7.45pm
Australia v Wales

October 10, 11pm
England v Uruguay

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Pool B

September 19, 7.45pm
South Africa v Japan

September 20, 3pm
Samoa v USA

September 23, 5.30pm
Scotland v Japan

September 26, 7.45pm
South Africa v Samoa

September 27, 5.30pm
Scotland v USA

October 3, 5.30pm
Samoa v Japan

October 3, 7.45pm
South Africa v Scotland

October 7, 7.45pm
South Africa v USA

October 10, 5.30pm
Samoa v Scotland

October 11, 11pm
USA v Japan

Pool C

September 19, 3pm
Tonga v Georgia

September 20, 7.45pm
New Zealand v Argentina

September 24, 11pm
New Zealand v Namibia

September 25, 7.45pm
Argentina v Georgia

September 29, 7.45pm
Tonga v Namibia

October 2, 11pm
New Zealand v Georgia

October 4, 5.30pm
Argentina v Tonga

October 7, 11pm
Namibia v Georgia

October 9, 11pm
New Zealand v Tonga

October 11, 3pm
Argentina v Namibia

Pool D

September 19, 5.30pm
Ireland v Canada

September 19, 11pm
France v Italy

September 23, 11pm
France v Romania

September 26, 5.30pm
Italy v Canada

September 27, 7.45pm
Ireland v Romania

October 1, 11pm
France v Canada

October 4, 7.45pm
Ireland v Italy

October 6, 7.45pm
Canada v Romania

October 11, 5.30pm
Italy v Romania

October 11, 7.45pm
France v Ireland


October 17, 7pm
Winner of Pool B v Runner-Up of Pool A

October 17, 11pm
Winner of Pool C v Runner-Up Pool D

October 18, 4pm
Winner of Pool D v Runner-Up Pool C

October 18, 7pm
Winner of Pool A v Runner-Up of Pool B


October 24, 7pm
Winner of Quarter-Final 1 v Winner of Quarter-Final 2

October 25, 7pm
Winner of Quarter-Final 3 v Winner of Quarter-Final 4

Bronze final

October 30, midnight
Loser of Semi-Final 1 v Loser of Semi-Final 2


October 31, 8pm

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