Meet Rafat Shawe, Dubai MMA instructor

In our celebration of top sporting talent in Dubai, meet professional MMA fighter Rafat Shawe

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What sparked your interest in living a healthier lifestyle?
My father was a footballer and he inspired me to play sport and lead a very active and healthy life.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to take that first step?
Just go for it. Take that first step. You don’t need to run a 10K on the first day. As they say, a 1,000-mile journey starts with just one step.

What’s your philosophy on fitness?
Pain is just a weakness leaving your body. So for example, when you wake up the next day after a really tough, great workout with sore muscles, it means you’ve progressed and made a positive move in the right direction.

Tell us about your classes…
My kickboxing bootcamps blend boxing, martial arts and cardio kickboxing for a fantastic total body workout. Martial arts-inspired workouts also improve strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility. The variety of movements used in kickboxing can sharpen reflexes and improve co-ordination. Most participants will burn at least 600 calories in a typical class.

What would your desert island workout include?
Push-ups, squats, sit-ups, lunges… then repeat.

How do you treat yourself on Cheat Day?
I will typically have a full blow-out meal once a week. It means for once I’ll have the white bread and butter to start with, plenty of carbs in my main course and I have a very sweet tooth, so there will always be a great dessert in there.
Dhs100 per session, Dhs800 ten sessions. Sun 7pm; Tue 6.30am. Cardio kickboxing bootcamp starts Sun October 11. Palm Park, Palm Jumeirah, (050 495 4446).

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