Meet wrestling coach Caleb Hall

As part of our celebration of top sporting talent in Dubai, meet Caleb Hall of Dubai Pro Wrestling Academy

Meet wrestling coach Caleb Hall

What sparked your interest in living a healthier lifestyle and what were your first steps to achieving this goal?
Getting my first gym membership. Knowing that to achieve my goals of being a pro wrestler, it would help me if I was in great shape.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to take that first step?
Have a strong reason to do it. That could be for the love of the sport or to be able to keep up with your kids, but always keep in mind why you’re doing it.

What’s your fitness philosophy?
It’s not about short-term results. Commit to being healthy for the rest of your life.

Tell us about your class.
We start with warm-ups, which include stretching, forward and backward rolls, cardio and co-ordination running. Then we move on to strength training, lifts and slams, which are typically followed by aerobic chain wrestling.

What benefits can people expect from working out with you?
Improved agility and co-ordination as well as increased strength and confidence.

Is there anything in particular that would complement a training session with you?
Yes. I’d recommend trampoline training and weightlifting.

Why should Time Out readers work out with you?
I believe our academy is the only one in the Middle East that teaches pro wrestling properly.

What song is a must on your workout playlist?
The Rocky theme.
Dhs60 for a trial class, monthly membership options thereafter. HM Fitness, Dubai Bowling Centre, Al Quoz, (04 338 5566).

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