Meet Fitness First personal trainer in Dubai

Time Out Dubai celebrates the best fitness professionals in Dubai. Here we meet Trevor Flowers, a Fitness First Personal Trainer in Dubai

What sparked your interest in living a healthier lifestyle?
As a teenager I started going to circuit classes at my local gym and I got hooked on seeing how I could improve my fitness and physique in just a short time.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to take that first step?
Make a plan and write it down. Without that you will not have a path to follow and will most likely go off track.

What benefits can people expect to see from working out with you?
High motivation and encouragement, improved fitness and a better understanding of your body. You’ll also always get a good well-structured and personalised workout.

Is there anything in particular that would complement a training session with you?
I offer all my clients my six-week abs toning and strengthening plan that they can do twice a week without my guidance. This is an added bonus that complements my training sessions, and is suitable to any fitness level.

What are the three essential ingredients of a good workout?
Variety, structure and intensity.

What’s your fitness philosophy?
Sustainable weight loss is a complete lifestyle, not a 12-week eating plan.

What song is a must in your workout playlist?
Right now I am into Calvin Harris’ How Deep Is Your Love.

How do you treat yourself on “Cheat Day”?
I don’t actually plan in a cheat day as such, but I may treat myself to a Subway sandwich every now and then.
PT sessions from Dhs230 per session. Fitness First, CP2, Control Tower, Motor City, (052 960 6347).

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