Interview with a football coach in Dubai

Time Out Dubai has an interview with a football coach in Dubai. Find out about football coaching in Dubai, with boys and girls, with E-Sports FC

What is the best thing about being a health and fitness professional?
I have a passion for football and it’s a complete dream to be able to work in this field. Being part of developing girl’s and women’s football means actually making a difference by enriching lives and further opening minds towards the beautiful game for females.

What sparked your interest in living a healthier lifestyle and what were your first steps to achieving this goal?
I have always played football but got even more involved when I went through a tough personal time. I lost somebody very close to me and found a way to release through football. Just forgetting all worries and grief around me while I was on the pitch kept me going.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to take that first step?
The first session is always hard. You don’t know anybody and are unsure of yourself, but 95 percent of the time, you’ll enjoy it and be overjoyed to have found a group to be part of. Just start. Once you’re there, the hard part is over.

What is your philosophy on fitness?
Enjoy it. Whether you are into yoga, weights or team sport. If you enjoy what you do, it will never feel like a chore.

What benefits can people expect to see from training with you?
Aside from offering a good workout and improving your football skills, we are a great social group. We offer a pathway from three up to 50 years old, so further development is possible for everyone.
E-Sports Football Club Early Touches Girls (three to six years) Sat 9am-10am; Jumeirah Primary School Girls Academy (seven to 16 years) Sun 5pm-6.15pm. Gems Metropole School – Motor City.

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