Stan Smith interview

Time Out Dubai has a Stan Smith interview after the iconic tennis player and adidas brand star appeared at Sole DXB. Hear about his trainers and more

1 Are you enjoying Dubai?
I was here around 1980, it’s hard for me to remember what it was like, but I don’t remember there being any skyscrapers at all. It’s unbelievable what’s happened.

2 What did you enjoy most this time around?
We went to the very top of the Burj Khalifa and it was astounding. It’s like Texas in the US, which has the biggest of everything.

3 What do you think of the various designs of Adidas’ Stan Smiths?
It’s amazing to see how many different versions there are. There’s one that has horns and wings that looks like American football material. The materials and designs continue to evolve, but I won’t be wearing a pair with wings on, that’s for sure.

4 So you like to keep things classic?
Definitely. I designed a shoe with the yellow tennis ball fuzz at the back. They videoed me doing the design, because you can design your own shoes at Mi Adidas.

5 What do you love about these shoes?
It’s the simplicity of the shoe that makes it unique. They’ve done promotional things with artists to design, so the shoe is a canvas in a way.

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