Jim Rosenthal interview - quickfire questions

Time Out has a Jim Rosenthal interview - quickfire questions. Hear from the broadcaster who famously commentated on the England Rugby World Cup win

1 How do you keep so cool in the studio?
When I first started, people were saying I should smile more. I remember when Kevin Keegan ruptured his knee ligaments and I was laughing when I reported it. I was horrified. From that day, I’ve just done it how I feel comfortable.

2 Who’s the best person you’ve worked with?
I loved working with Murray Walker on the F1. He was an inspiration, a guidance and a very comforting guy.

3 What was your oddest interview?
It was with a boxer called Kirkland Laing. He spoke for two minutes and I didn’t understand a word. But one of his team said, “Jim, really sorry, he hasn’t taken his gum shield out”. I thought I’d lost it.

4 What’s it like having a famous son?
I’m a proud dad, full stop. When I saw Tom early on doing stand-up, I got more nervous watching him than I ever got doing a TV programme.

5 What is your proudest career moment?
It has to be doing England winning the Rugby World Cup when we had 20-odd million people getting up at 8am on a Saturday to watch it.

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