Olympic sports to try in Dubai

Time Out celebrates Rio 2016 by profiling the Olympic sports to try in Dubai, from handball to tennis, badminton to weightlifting and more

Olympic sports to try in Dubai

The 2016 Olympic Games is arguably the most anticipated event of the year. From Friday August 5 to Sunday 21, athletes from more than 200 nations will be competing for medals, attempting to break records and doing their countries proud.

And whatever it is you choose to watch, we can be certain you'll be inspired somewhere along the line to take up something new, or return to an old favourite sport. So whether you like lifting, throwing, jumping, firing or pretty much any other form action, we've got you covered with this list of where to try every single Olympic sport in Dubai.

Oh, and Modern Pentathlon isn't listed because it comprises fencing, swimming, horse riding, running and shooting!

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