Polite fight night?

A bout of boardroom boxing for Dubai’s stressed-out executives

Shirts and ties are off and vests and gloves are on as company executives prepare to go toe-to-toe at ‘White Collar Fight Night’.

A graphics designer, a financial advisor and a lawyer are among the fourteen company executives who will trade blows at the White Collar Fight Night which takes place on Friday May 15 at the Aldalous Ballroom, Habtoor Grand Hotel, Dubai.

Now in its fourth year, the event which combines a black tie dinner with a programme of entertainment and fundraising, culminating in the White Collar boxing bouts, is a night that will certainly pack a punch.

“This year’s fight night has attracted company managers and office personnel, both male and female from a range of industry sectors. Age ranges and fitness levels may vary but the common denominator is that as novices they are all determined to master the noble art of boxing,” said John Mamea-Wilson, organiser of the event.

Graphics designer, Alexander Forsyth, aged 34, one of the contestants, who weighs in at 85 kilos of what he tongue-in-cheek describes as ‘pure knotted muscle’, said he was “keen to get back into physical and mental shape.”

Another contestant, financial advisor Richard Jolly, aged 30, is sure that the confidence he has built up for his big fight will benefit him even when he’s back at work, which calls for supreme confidence in being able to cope with the high pressure demands of the financial world.

“I have the utmost respect for all of the White Collar contestants, the ring is a lonely place and only the brave should enter!”

Even so, lawyer Anton Trixil, aged 29, of New Zealand said, “I hope the training will improve my fitness levels, whatever the outcome the fight itself will be a great experience to look back on.”

White Collar Boxing was specifically created for contestants with no prior boxing experience who can take the mental discipline, determination and dedication they show in the build-up and event participation, back to their work place. In amongst the contestants will also be four women, eager to show that multi-tasking is not the only aspect of a woman’s skill set.

“During the selection process, we ensure that all contestants are equally matched and ready to compete on the night. Each competitor receives professional training and coaching and will box under the unique rules of White Collar which make competitor safety and welfare a priority,” added Mamea-Wilson.

“Our professional team of trainers and fitness experts will take each competitor through a rigorous eight week training programme, concentrating on improving fitness through exercise and diet, as well as technical training.

Each bout consists of three 2 minute rounds, under the supervision of a professional referee. There are no losers; anyone who trains and then competes in White Collar is a winner.

White Collar Boxing Originated in Gleasons gym New York in 1988. The first contest was held between Dr Richard Novak, an attorney and veterinarian, and Dr. David Lawrence who held a PhD. in English literature. After the contest the two Gentlemen went to dinner to celebrate the birth of a new sport.

This year’s contest has already received solid backing from Dubai’s business community with a number of high profile sponsors pledging their support, including; AirMiles, MacAir and Logsdale.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities and tickets contact: Rachael Ricketts on rachael.ricketts@transguardgroup.net or telephone Mark Povey on 050 – 6257359.

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