Win a private golf lesson at The Els Club

Here’s how you can shape up your swing this summer

If you’re looking to learn to play golf this summer, read on, because the competition for this week’s episode of Time Out Dubai Vlogs promises to get your swing in to shape.

The Time Out Dubai team headed down to The Butch Harmon School of Golf, located at The Els Club in Dubai Sports City, where they took on one of the most physically demanding challenges (and least advised) of the season – learning to play golf. But here’s the twist, they had to do it in the middle of the midday summer sun.

With temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius, Dean, Emma and Tim went over to prove who was best among them.

None of them were very good, and as a regular golfer, Tim had no excuses. But to be fair to all of them, energy was running out quickly as the temperature rose.

You can win a private 50-minute lesson with the instructor in this week’s episode, Natalie, if you comment on the video below and subscribe to the Time Out Dubai YouTube channel.

Check out the video here:

Every week we get out and about into this awesome city and find out the best stuff there is going on. Whether it’s jumping out of planes, jumping off of mountains, swimming with sharks, failing to surf, taking on the city’s craziest food challenges, getting a kiss from a seal, falling out of supercars or anything in between, if it’s happening in your city, the Time Out Dubai crew are on it.

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