Skydive Dubai video showing awesome glider stunts

Time Out has the footage of a new Skydive Dubai video showing awesome glider stunts. See the incredible video of Dubai's most famous thrill seekers

We never tire of seeing the Skydive Dubai team doing their thing over their iconic Palm Drop Zone or Desert Campus.

But every once in a while they release something even more awesome than normal. Fresh from a short clip of a piggyback skydive over Meydan Racecourse, the team have produced a spectacular clip showing daredevils ejecting themselves from a glider thousands of feet above the ground.

In association with the Glider FX team, Skydive Dubai's latest two-minute clip features a number of stunts, tricks, flips and jumps, all of which culminate in the extreme sports athletes dropping out of the glider at full speed. Seen in slo-mo, it's really something quite marvellous. And terrifying!

The clip starts with a cheeky high-five at sunset and ends with a series of freefalls. To be quite honest, it looks a lot like a rollercoaster gone wrong....

A number of the faces seen having a ball on board the glider can be recognised from other Skydive Dubai associated projects, including the awesome Dream Jump of 2015, when for a period of time Dubai's bravest individuals jumped from the top of Princess Tower in the Marina. Then, of course, there was the Burj Khalifa base jump. You can see those, and a few more short clips below.

The glider service isn't a permanent fixture at Skydive Dubai, however, so for now we'll just have to keep the video on loop as we try and build up our own guts to jump from the plane.

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