Epic Red Bull sandboarding video in the UAE

Time Out Dubai has an epic Red Bull sandboarding video in the UAE for you, snowboarding in the desert also known as dune shredding

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If you weren’t aware of it already, energy drink kings Red Bull spend big when it comes to their adrenaline-pumped sports videos.

State-of-the-art filming equipment, trailblazing cinematography and thrill-seeking protagonists all come together to make one visual tour de force after another.

The video we have for you here is no exception.

With Moreeb Hill (reportedly the United Arab Emirates’ tallest dune at 300 metres) as a backdrop, Polish rally driver Kuba Przygoński and freestyle snowboarding maestro Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak partner up to show off their insane skills.

The piece starts with drone footage of what looks like a Bedouin walking through the desert with his trusted camel, their trek suddenly interrupted by the roar of a Dakar MINI approaching them at full speed.

Suddenly, the desert man grabs his snowboard from in between his dromedary’s humps, buckles up and waits calmly for Przygoński to arrive.

It’s then that the real spectacle begins, as Pawlusiak emerges from under his tunic, wakeboarding through the sands with the Mini as his ‘speedboat’.

360 jumps, high speed drifting and a parallel descent down Moreeb dune, a 50-degree-steep slope that’s 1.6 kilometres long.

The Red Bull team were in the UAE only a couple of months ago filming another awesome video of pro skateboarders using Dubai’s Aquaventure as their shredding playground.

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