Dubai daredevil helps launch new Red Bull TV Urbex series

Time Out has pictures and video as Dubai daredevil helps launch new Red Bull TV Urbex series. Discover amazing freerunning in Dubai atop Marina 101

Dubai daredevil helps launch new Red Bull TV Urbex series

It isn’t hard to see why Dubai is a freerunner’s dream.

The city’s urban landscape is varied, ground breaking and often includes dizzying heights, making it the perfect playground for parkour pros and thrill seekers in similar disciplines.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Red Bull have chosen Dubai as one of the cities as part of the launch of its astonishing new series, known as Urbex.

If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, Urbex stands for 'urban exploring' and usually involves jumping, climbing and somersaulting through underground tunnels, scaffoldings, bridges, you name it.

Malayan marvel freerunner Abudi Alsagoff, who is largely based in Dubai, was the chosen man for our very own edition, which as you probably expected included clambering up to the top of a skyscraper in the company of his DSLR, GoPro and equally talented urban exploring companion.

“If you find new places to explore and you share it with the world, I think that’s what makes you the best at Urbex,” explains Alsagoff.

Watch as the pair cruise up rickety ladders and casually swing through scaffoldings, only to reach the 'summit' with a big smile on their faces.

If you love Red Bull’s videos, you’ll be happy to hear that this is just a teaser of what the ‘Urbex – Enter At Your Own Risk’ series has to offer.

"A group of urban explorers risk life and limb to get inside, above, and around some of the most forbidden places on Earth," Red Bull's epic slogan reads.

"As they navigate bridges, skyscrapers, and other off-limits structures, every venture through the city could be their last."

Here's another trailer to inspire you to become the next Urbex legend.

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