Three XDubai fitness events coming in 2018

Two more Spartan races and dedicated yoga event announced

Three XDubai fitness events coming in 2018

With Dubai Fitness Challenge now definitely in full swing, and residents across the city being encouraged to answer the call of exercising for 30 minutes for 30 days, more fitness events are returning to Dubai in November and through to the New Year.

XDubai – the extreme sports and action-based fitness group – have partnered with Dubai Holding to deliver three fitness events every year, starting with the XDubai Spartan Race obstacle course, coming to town on Friday November 10 in Hatta.

With barbed wire, fire, swamps and some pretty brutal obstacles to overcome, this is no ordinary race – and is bound to test even the most seasoned endurance athlete. The race is accessible to all athletes though, according to the organisers, thanks to the three distinct course lengths and difficulty of obstacles.

The shortest race is The Sprint at just 5km, although there are still 20 obstacles to tackle. The Sparta Super is a longer course designed to test your endurance, perseverance and grit, at 13km with 25 obstacles and tougher terrain to navigate. Finally, for the pros, the Spartan Beast is a 20km gruelling run with 35 obstacles thrown in for good measure.

XDubai has committed to run the Spartan Race twice a year, but if you’re after something a bit more serene, head to XYoga, which will pit classic yoga poses and movement with iconic Dubai locations. The specific event date is yet to be announced, but is likely to be in the first half of 2018 if the 2016 event date is anything to go by.

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