Full Tough Mudder obstacle list announced

Refreshed and revamped challenges confirmed for renowned endurance event


The full list of obstacles for the du Tough Mudder has been unveiled, and it’s going to be one mighty challenge for the thousands of participants taking part.

There’s still plenty of time to register for the event taking place on Friday December 8 and Saturday 9, with prices starting at Dhs420 for the obstacle course at Hamdan Sports Complex.

It’s an untimed and team-orientated challenge with immense obstacles that, according to the team behind it, are “designed around the values of courage, personal accomplishment, teamwork and fun”.

Here’s what you can expect to come across at what’s known as one of the toughest races on the planet.

“The Block Ness Monster” – 60ft of slippery rotating barriers block your way through this obstacle, which needs extreme teamwork to conquer.

“Arctic Enema: The Re-birth” – an icy plunge with a high-speed entry slide and centre wall to climb over before escaping from 10 tonnes of ice.

“Everest 2.0” – A 15ft quarter pipe with a curved top, which threatens to send you to the bottom as quickly as you’re able to run up it.

“Funky Monkey” – Monkey bars, angled upwards followed by a trapeze descent. Hold your nerve or plunge into murky waters and face the swim of shame.

“The Liberator” – A nigh-on vertical climb where you use a pair of wooden pegs to haul yourself up. Choose the wrong peg hole, and you’ll find yourself back at the bottom in no time.

“Pyramid Scheme” – You’ll need your team mates to conquer this slippery, inclined, uphill scramble. You can’t do this alone, so choose your friends wisely.

“Berlin Walls” – At almost three metres tall, these walls come in pairs, and are no mean feat.

“Mud Mile” – A classic du Tough Mudder obstacle that’s fairly self-descriptive, and you’ll probably need your mates to make it through this sticky challenge.

The final straight of the course, and the last thing standing between you and the finishing line is just a short, muddy sprint. A short, muddy sprint with dangling exposed wires that threaten to deliver a 10,000 volt jolt. The course says it’s their way of saying congratulations.

You’ll also find other usual obstacles including Hurdles, Sand Bagging, Killa Gorilla, Fireman’s Carry, Tyre Me Silly, Mudder Barrow and The Big Dipper.

This is one of the biggest challenges of the year, and it’s one we can’t wait for.

Dhs420. Dec 8-9. Hamdan Sports Complex, Emirates Road opposite Global Village, www.toughmudder.ae.

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