Skydive Dubai reveals new opening hours for summer

And until the end of May you can save Dhs400 on a skydive

Have you ever done a skydive? Like the majority of us Dubaians, if you’ve not already done one you’ve probably thought to yourself “ah, that’d be cool”, but never quite got around to booking up for the big day.

Let’s face it, there are few (if any) better places in the world to see the world from 13,000ft than over the city’s world-famous Palm Jumeirah – the view is, frankly, amazing.

As summer comes rolling around, and the heat feels ever closer, Skydive Dubai is changing its operating hours to avoid the rising temperatures.

From this Friday (June 1), Skydive Dubai will be ready for morning jumps from the earlier time of 7am, instead of the usual 10am. So if you’ve ever fancied a quick skydive before jaunting off to work with a spring in your step and a bit of joie de vivre, you’re in luck.

Through summer, the final check-in time for dives will be 10.30am, so you’ll have to set your alarm if you want to jump this summer (and you definitely should).

Plus, if you book in for a dive before the end of the month you can still take advantage of Skydive’s discounted rates through May – just Dhs1,799 for a tandem dive at the Palm Jumeirah Drop Zone (and everyone has to do a tandem dive, unless you’re a qualified, licenced diver).

We recently took the plunge as part of the Time Out Dubai Vlogs series on our YouTube channel, check it out below (spoiler alert: we jumped with one of the biggest internet stars in the world). While you’re there, subscribe to our channel and sign up to weekly episodes (and you can even win some amazing Dubai experiences).

It’s genuinely one of the greatest feelings you’re ever going to have, and our brave diver even had a fear of heights.

Speaking of which, if you’ve got a fear of flying, BA has just announced that a one-off course to cure your aviophobia is coming to Dubai this weekend.

If you’ve ever thought about doing a skydive, we’ve got two words: do it!
Dhs1,799 (until Thu May 31), Dhs2,199 thereafter. Open daily 7am-10.30am. Skydive Dubai Drop Zone, Dubai Marina,

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