CoreFit, Dubai Marina

Latest CoreFit deals, contact details, hours, plus information and reviews of what they offer at this specialist gym in Dubai Marina

This stand-alone gym is based in the heart of Dubai Marina and it’s very serious about its fitness. If you prefer squatting over a salsa dance class, then knock on Core Fit’s door; the trainers here will help you get your best body yet.

Based on the energy of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training with a mix of personal training and CrossFit, the classes at Core Fit target strength and agility training. Founder Clifford Tindell runs daily classes which include bars, weight plates, battle ropes, boxes, kettlebells, skipping ropes and spinning bikes.

While this might sound like a horrific session of Bootcamp or CrossFit, the classes here are was specifically developed for those who are a little too intimidated by the former. Unlike Bootcamps and circuit classes that will have your body adapt and plateau, the Core Fit program is progressive, and it includes strength element to ensure constant improvement in technique.

Expect a serious workout in the daily 60-minute session including a 10-minute warm-up, following by body-toning strength-driven exercises, followed by a 20-minute HIIT workout training. Even though this is a team session, the trainers still provide individual feedback and treat the workout as a PT class. All the sessions are recorded for the coaches to analyse data when members start to plateau, modify an element of their training and ensure they ultimately see results.

Aside from the Corefit classes, there is also a nightly Zumba class, and an outdoor training area with a variety of equipment for those looking for individual training.

Dhs75 (single walk-in Zumba class) Dhs100 (walk-in CrossFit session). Package classes available. Monthly membership starts from Dhs549 + Dhs200 joining fee. (04 422 5338).


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