Spot Sport: Keep the kids fit with... ICC Academy

Hungry players form the essence of the bat and ball game and young cricketers in the uae are ready for a challenge

Spot Sport: Keep the kids fit with... ICC Academy
Spot Sport: Keep the kids fit with... ICC Academy Image #2

Keen cricketers or beginners who want to explore the sport can sign up for an ICC Academy programme. Kids aged three to 18 years old get to choose from popular sessions, including Babyshop Cricket Cubs, where they will learn to master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing, agility, balance and coordination.

ABID Warriors is for those who want to delve deeper into the game after mastering key skills, learning all the advanced elements of playing the sport.

“Cricket creates so many opportunities for children, it’s an inclusive competition on the field with the variety of roles that players have and can try,” says Will Kitchen, General Manager of ICC Academy.
The sport, Kichen adds, has a huge range of opportunities for people who are good at different things.

“Batting, bowling, fielding, wicket-keeping – all of those elements are very different, but the one thing you can’t live without, in my opinion, is an attitude to improve and learn. If I was to suggest one thing to any player, young or old, that will help them more than anything else, I would tell them to stay dedicated to learning and trying to improve every time they play. If they commit to that, they’ll love the sport.

“However, almost more importantly, cricket creates amazing opportunities for children off the field too, including making friends, being part of a team and traveling to new places, which makes it more than just a game,” says Kitchen.
From Dhs1,575. Open daily 8.30am-10pm. Dubai Sports City (04 448 1355).

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