Sponsored: JBR’s hugely anticipated extravaganza will have live performances, an outdoor cinema and a ten-day music festival over the next five months

Sponsored: Don't miss The Art of DC – The Dawn of Super Heroes 

Here are the top five things to do across the city this Sunday

Why not either head outdoors and enjoy those summer nights, or head to the cinema and enjoy those summer naaaaaaaa-ights?

It's Tuesday, and it's another active one – here are five things to do across the city

Three-course feasts, fireworks, Bollwood DJ nights and live concerts in Dubai

It's Monday and there's loads to do across the city, so why not check out our list and make some plans?

The largest running series in the world’s special Hero Tour is taking place on Saturday November 10

From Diwali festivities to Dubai Fitness challenge racing and Sean Paul at Cavalli Club

Insomnia Gaming Festival will bring major eSport competitions

Reduced rent, a relaxing in taxing and city-wide discounts mean your dirhams can go further than ever, if you know where to look

Join the spooky fun at Dubai’s top family-friendly events

Get ten percent off for wearing a costume

All that and more on this week’s episode of the Time Out Dubai Podcast


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