Win indoor skydiving sessions in Dubai

Entering couldn’t be easier…

Win indoor skydiving sessions in Dubai

Have you ever felt your jowls flap in the wind at speeds of 175mph?

Unless you’ve experienced the sensation of floating mid-air in a mammoth wind tunnel with saliva streaking across your cheeks then you really haven’t lived.

The feeling of weightlessness is a rare one, especially if like us, your diet consists of a daily manakish and around five bags of crisps – one of which we consumed minutes before take-off.

At Inflight Dubai, you can experience the feeling of freefall, without having to jump out of a plane – something we’re still proud we did.

Our instructor, Josh, makes it look effortless with lithe twists and turns prompting ooh and ahhs from us amateurs below, before we take to the tunnel like baby birds nervous to fly the nest.

The feeling of being helplessly propelled up into the air is a surreal one, and within moments we’re soaring at heights of up to 20m.

And you can soar too, just by entering this week’s competition with Time Out Dubai Vlogs. We’ve got two flights to give away at Inflight Dubai, and all you’ve got to do to enter is comment on the below video and subscribe to the Time Out Dubai YouTube channel.

Every week we get out and about into this awesome city and find out the best stuff there is going on. Whether it’s jumping out of planes, jumping off of mountains, swimming with sharks, failing to surf, taking on the city’s craziest food challenges, getting a kiss from a seal, falling out of supercars or anything in between, if it’s happening in your city, the Time Out Dubai crew are on it.

Click here to visit the Time Out Dubai YouTube channel now.

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