Expo 2020: The greatest World’s Fair in history

Everything you need to know about the arrival of Expo 2020

Expo 2020 is now just two years away, and Dubai is getting ready to welcome the world to its doorstep on October 20 2020.

As we get ever closer, we here at Time Out Dubai have wrapped up everything that you need to know about what is lining up to be the biggest World’s Fair in history.

More than 25 million people are set to embark on a visit to the city over the course of the six-month event – amazingly, as many as 70 percent of those are expected to be tourists.

This week’s episode of Time Out Quick Guides is dedicated to all things Expo, and will give you the latest on what the show is all about, and what you can expect if you’re currently living in Dubai, or if you’re planning a visit come 2020.

You’ll learn about how Expo was awarded to Dubai, the three main zones and themes of the show, the legacy of Expo 2020, as well as one of the main countries to have recently committed to building a pavilion at the show. Spoiler alert, there’s going to be a message to aliens.

It’s all part of our brand-new YouTube series, which explains the most important and coolest things going on in Dubai right now.

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