Where to recycle in Dubai

Make an effort on World Environment Day

Where to recycle in Dubai

It’s World Environment Day today (Wednesday June 5) and all thoughts are on the planet. And if you’re inspired to recycle, now there’s just the small matter of where to go. Here are five top options to ditch your waste.

Green Truck
Don’t have time to visit the recycle bin? Green Truck collect all of your recyclable items from your doorstep, segregate out the material and send it off to start it’s life as something new.
From Dhs120 (a month, with weekly pickups). Go to www.greentruck.ae.

Madenat Recycling
Horrified at how much waste leaves your business and ends straight up in landfill? Madenat Recycling collect all manner of stuff, from broken lamps and electrical equipment to batteries, fabric and glass and dispose of it for you responsibly. Make an executive decision to go green.
Prices vary. Go to www.madenatrecycling.ae.

Recycle bins
They’re everywhere, though chances are you’ve strolled by without paying much attention. Most workplaces and apartment buildings will have one inside or nearby where you can recycle paper, plastic and cans. It’s the easiest way you can play you part in protecting the environment, and it’s also strangely satisfying if you make the extra effort. No excuses.

Take My Junk
Got a load of old junk lying around your apartment? Take My Junk is an organisation that collects everything from old clothes and kitchenware to electronic appliances and sells the unwanted goods at low, affordable costs to labourers and other people in a low-income bracket.
Collections across Dubai, www.takemyjunkuae.com (050 179 4045).

Not only do they wash, press and return all your dirty laundry quicker than you can say “Febreeze”, Washmen will also pick up all of your unwanted paper and plastic and recycle it on your behalf for an additional Dhs1. Bargain.

Shunning plastic? Check out the installation in DXB airport from Artist Mariska Nell and Costa Coffee, which aims to encourage passengers to commit to making those all-important first steps towards change and recycling.

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