Ride across Dubai Creek for a dirham

Ride across Dubai Creek for a dirham

Ride across Dubai Creek for a dirham

Not everything in Dubai costs you hundreds of dirhams and one of our favourite things to do is take a simple ride across the Creek.

There are abra stations all along the Deira and Bur Dubai sides and boats leave every minute or so. If you miss one, don’t worry, another will be boarding straight after.

It’s a short trip to the other side, but for an activity that takes you back to everything Dubai is really about, it can’t be beaten. There are two routes that run parallel to one another, one runs from 6am until midnight, the other operates 24 hours a day. Pay a dirham, take a seat on the long, narrow abra that sits low in the water and look out.

The boat will zig-zag to avoid others, seagulls will circle overhead and if you time it for sundown, the light will hit the buildings on either side of the shore quite spectacularly.

This experience can’t be beaten.
Dhs1. From Deira Creek or Dubai Textile Souk, Bur Dubai.

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