Burj Khalifa to light up with the Philippines flag this evening

The world's tallest building will commemorate Philippines Independence Day

Burj Khalifa to light up with the Philippines flag this evening

To mark the Philippines’ 121st Independence Day, Dubai’s most famous landmark will light up in the colours of the country’s flag.

According to Gulf News, Burj Khalifa will light up at 9.40pm on Wednesday June 12 to mark the occasion remembering the nation’s independence from Spain back in 1898.

Head to Downtown Dubai tonight and you’ll be able to catch the display saluting one of the city’s most represented demographics, with the red, white and blue flag being emblazoned upon the world’s tallest tower.

But did you know the story behind the flag?

Well, like the UAE flag each colour has a story. The white equilateral triangle represents equality and liberty – while the blue bar along the top signifies peace, justice and honesty, while the red flag commemorates patriotism, bravery and valour in the face of adversity.

Meanwhile, the sun pays respect to the eight provinces involved in gaining independence from Spain, while the three stars represent three of the country’s main island groups instrumental in gaining independence.

Don’t miss the occasion tonight.
Free. Wed Jun 12, 9.40pm. Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai

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