Little Green Fingers workshops launched at The Dubai Mall

Sponsored: Grow plants, make soap, upcycle and more with Galeries Lafayette and Six Senses Zighy Bay

Little Green Fingers workshops launched at The Dubai Mall

Have kids that are intrigued with creating things? Or just want to teach your child how to live a greener lifestyle? Galeries Lafayette and Six Senses Zighy Bay have teamed up to launch a series of “Little Green Fingers” summer workshops to do just that.

Kids aged 5 to 11 can attend a series of workshops that will teach them how to recycle, upcycle and even how to make items from natural products (get ready for an influx of homemade gifts, Mum and Dad).

The series kicks off on Monday July 1 with a free session, and runs through until Wednesday August 7, so there’s heaps of time to get it booked into the diary.

Little Green Fingers will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 AM to 1 PM at the Galeries Lafayette department store in The Dubai Mall, with one session costing Dhs120 and both in a week coming in at Dhs200.

And the Six Senses team will run a range of activities too, aiming to help little ones “connect with nature and learn how to preserve it”. Sounds like a useful way to spend a day to us.

Budding horticulturalist? Activities include “Grow your own plant”, where kids will study the lifecycle of a plant – from seed reclamation and soil preparation to plant care.

There are also sessions for “creations by curious minds”, where creative kids can experiment with raw materials to melt, pour and carve soaps, as well as kite making, salt dough art, leaf painting and more.

Fancy learning about culture? Try a session about Middle Eastern culture and customs, with traditional clothing, henna tattoos, clay painting and an overview of date growing stages.

If you have a more active child on your hands, then there are “strong body, strong mind” sessions focused on physical wellbeing starring kids’ yoga and Pilates.

In the final session (on Wednesday August 7), kids will be able to combine & explore colour, texture and design by creating different artworks.

Galeries Lafayette is thrilled to partnering up with Six Senses Zighy Bay by introducing environment-friendly workshops to children encouraging such activities in the UAE. Children attending the classes will also be able to browse and shop the latest back to school items from different brands at L2 in the department store.

Full schedule:
July 1: Introduction to engaging environmental kids activities (free session)

July 3: Planting cycle session – from seed reclamation to soil preparation and plant care

July 8: Soap making session, including how to melt soap and soap carving art

July 10: Wellness session, with fitness activities including yoga and Pilates.

July 15: Cold soap processing session – customise your own soap. Mothers are welcome to join their kids.

July 17: Middle Eastern culture. Get an overview of the Middle Eastern culture that includes dressing up in traditional costumes and engaging in henna drawing activities

July 22: Paper making –  learn how to make paper from raw materials

July 24: Paper arts and crafts –  learning art and how to make creative paper crafts

July 29: Marine biology. Learn about the ocean creatures and how to contribute to their safety

July 31: Waste upcycling. Find fun and interesting ways to turn waste into a useful item or a piece of art

August 5: Assorted crafts – kite making, salt dough art, leaf painting and much more

August 7: Art sharing session –  explore colour, design and texture

It’s time to get creative, and encourage your children to be, too.
From Dhs120. Galeries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai

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