Preview: The Outer Worlds

Obsidian’s complete hands-on take on the space race could launch itself to comedic stardom

Preview: The Outer Worlds

Remember the roving gang of old ladies, sporting pink summer dresses and rolling pins that chase after you in Fallout: New Vegas? Rex the doggo who needs a new brain and you get to pick which one he gets? Or how about the guy from the secret White Glove Society who serves everyone human meat in the mission fittingly named ‘Beyond the Beef’? Ah, the good ol’ wacky missions.

The developers at Obsidian Entertainment clearly had a wild time coming up with morally challenging yet insanely quirky scenarios, albeit a tad constrained thanks to publisher Bethesda’s firm leash on the Fallout franchise.

Well, that tether has long been severed, giving Obsidian full reign over its soon-to-be released The Outer Worlds – launching players to the outskirts of space, where mischief, mayhem and a whole lot of hilarious idiocy await.

That being said, gamers can expect the very same style of quirkiness, coupled along with the more tactical first person shooting gameplay and RPG elements of Fallout – a little too on the nose at times. Armour and equipment are set to individual limbs, from helmets to body suits (which means an array of deep customisation to play around with), while gamers invest skill points to their characters varied personality traits, including leadership skills and even making them lovably dumb (because why not?).

Obsidian even has its own take on Fallout 3’s VATS System, this time named ‘Tactical Time Dilation’. Unlike VATS, time doesn’t come to a complete halt, but rather slows down so players can pinpoint enemies’ critical weak points, to either hinder their movements by shooting off a robots leg or concussing an for with a well-timed headshot. While combat hardly seems like a challenge, being able to be creative in action like in Fallout is nostalgic bliss.

The Outer Worlds doesn’t stray far from its roots, but we’re not complaining. 
Available October 25 on PS4, Xbox One, PC.

The tactical action RPG spiritual successor of Fallout: New space

For the expansive storylines and being able to make your character mute

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