How to have an all-out DIY Dubai brunch at home

We’re talking full-blown à la carte, buffets spreads and at-home post-brunch parties

How to have an all-out DIY Dubai brunch at home

Who said staying at home means you can’t have your typical Dubai brunch right in your very living room? It’s time for DIY, and by that, we mean ‘Delivery It Yourself’, of course.

This means the most you have to physically do is choose from a wealth of food with your fingertips, get up to answer the door and place all your dishes to your desired destination. Simple, eh (until it comes to washing up, but we’ll think about that later).

Now, you could easily order two 15-inch pizzas or a family meal with five burgers and call it a day, but that’s not a Dubai-standard brunch, is it?

We’re going all-out, and you should too. Have a gander through the list below and have yourself a very merry Friday brunch, Dubai.

À la carte

Truth be told, this one does require some physical effort, but the fruits of your labour will be oh-so scrummy.
Popular restaurants around Dubai have launched DIY barbecue recipe kits, which means you can have restaurant-quality dishes served piping hot at the table.

Couqley French Bistro & Bar

Steak? Burgers? Roast turkey feast, anyone? Good, as the popular French bistro in JLT has the recipe kits for you to make stacks of them. As in, feeding up to 12 people. And when there’s only two of you at home… you can do the maths, but it means more grub all round.

Now available for delivery from its restaurant, foodies can get the ‘Grill Your Own Burgers’ package, which comes with burgers, potato buns, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, condiments and frozen fries.

There’s also the ‘Grill your own Steaks’ package, and you can expect prime beef to recreate the French bistro’s signature steaks, along with its secret sauces, potatoes, and a green salad.

Check it all out right here.

SALT Burger

In the mood for some of the city’s best burgers and barbecue bites? SALT Burger Dubai is bringing those brunch vibes straight to you.

SALT Burger, the food truck-turned-restaurant, also has barbecue kits so you can get in the garden (or kitchen) and get cooking. We can smell it already.

For Dhs375, the gang at SALT will send you a huge BBQ kit including 20 SALT patties, 20 buns, lettuce, jalapeños, pickles, a selection of three sauces used at SALT, salt, pepper and a rubbish bag (so you can keep everything clean and tidy afterwards). Ideal for big families.

Find out more right here.

Cook like a celebrity chef

If you have something else in mind you’ve always wanted to try but want to do it justice, the celebs of the food world are here to offer a (virtual) helping hand. Just like Jamie Oliver was in the kitchen with you.
From Chrissy Teigan cooking up some cheesy sunchip chicken and Jamie Oliver’s homemade pizza to Martha Stewart whipping up Irish soda bread for appetiser bites, there’s oceans to learn from the top chefs of the world. Oh, and plenty to eat of course.

But how to get the right ingredients? Through the list of online shopping apps that will have meats, cheeses, bread, sauces and everything in between delivered straight to you front step. Find out where to shop right here.


Ah, there’s nothing like a line of delicious food to get brunch started. Luckily for us, we don’t have to slog away in the kitchen to make it all, as Dubai’s wealth of delivery services can cater to all your foodie needs.

Delivery it yourself (DIY)

Here’s an example: head on to the Deliveroo app and go straight to the discount section, which will either have Dhs18 deals or up to 50 percent off deals. From there, behold the choices.

There’s Indian combo’s from Dhs18 from Angrezi Masala, a heap of donor kebabs with fries and more starting from Dhs15 at The Kebab Shop, plenty of Italian specialty dishes from Bistro Chef Giovanni for big mains including carbonara, lasagne and even gluten-free gnocchi from Dhs60.

Fancy sushi? Hako Sushi has all that and more, including bento boxes, dim sum and soup with a 45 percent discount, if (home) brunchers spend more than Dhs30.

And, those who are looking for a pizza party can get a 40 percent discount for a meal for six priced at Dhs101, which includes three pizzas of choice, six pieces of garlic bread, salad and six soft drinks.

So, Get the pizza meal for six, four of those donor kebabs and a couple of indian combo’s – presto, you have yourself a proper brunch sent straight to your door for around Dhs200.

Tell us that doesn’t sound like an international buffet. That’s only the tip of the iceberg though, as there are plenty of cuisines to choose from, check them out here.

On our (un)official Laze-o-meter, this receives a ten out of… we can’t be bothered to finish the sentence.

The fine-dining approach

Craving the best fine-dining quality Italian dishes from Il Borro Tuscan Bistro? Or maybe some top-quality Greek dishes from OPA! Dubai? Whatever kind of cuisine you fancy at this brunch of yours, do it fine-dining style with this list of deliveries from some of Dubai’s top restaurants.

McGettigan’s JLT

One of JLT’s most iconic brunches hasn’t actually closed up shop, it’s just delivering it straight to you iPnstead. Like what, you ask? There are starters including a Caesar salad, quinoa salad, chicken wings, arancini and flamed grilled chicken nachos.

For mains? Expect McGettigan’s signature burger, spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread, cod and chips, grilled chicken breast with veggies, and fettuccine with broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, olives, parmesan, truffle oil, shallots and pine nuts.

Even better, there will be live music from resident band Oh! from 1.30pm until 4.30pm, steaming on Facebook Live and IGTV.

Speaking of…

Post-brunch party

Any pro brunchgoer in Dubai will know once all the food has stop being served, that doesn’t mean it’s time to go home. Well, in these circumstances, we’re already at home, but we mean the party doesn’t stop.
The beauty of having brunch at home means you can let it last for as long as you want, but a post-brunch party is always needed to keep those weekend vibes flowing.

How to do so? With a list of live streaming entertainment the internet has to offer, no less. Not any ol’ kind of live performance, as big stars around the UAE and the rest of the world are putting on big gigs right in there very home.

Imagine this: finishing up the last few bites and getting ready for a performance from Cold Play’s Chris Martin, or the smooth tunes from John Legend? Just a few of the many artists that live on Instagram and shared their hit songs to the world — live.

What’s more, entertainment companies such as BookMyShow have launched online music sessions in the UAE, featuring top artists kicking out their jams live from HQ. Check it out right here.

Brunch with the gang

Staying at home means it’s a little tricky inviting people to this spectacular brunch you’ve whipped up. That doesn’t have to be a problem thanks to the benefits of video calling.

From massive chats on Zoom that can have up to 100 people on a call to Netflix Party to watch a classic flick with pals (would you look at that, you’ve made it into a movie-themed brunch), there are plenty of ways to have all your brunch mates involved from their own homes.

You can find the perfect app to use right here.

Get glammed up

You wouldn’t go to a Dubai brunch in your PJs, would you? That shouldn’t change for your very own brunch extravaganza.

Get dressed up and show everyone (or at least your partner/flatmate) you’re ready to brunch in style. If you’re running low on supplies, not to worry, as there are a list of beauty products from the best brands around that can deliver straight to your doorstep.

Don’t miss out on your beauty routine, click here to find out where to shop.

That’s your Friday sorted.

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