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Kooky private detective series Bored to Death returns to our screens

Interview, Television, Time In
Interview, Television, Time In

The first season of acclaimed US comedy-drama Bored to Death gave us roll-on-the-floor-funny skits about armpit fantasies, tripping over buggies and colonic irrigation. Now leftfield lead Jason Schwartzman (I Heart Huckabees, Shop Girl) is back with a second series in his role as Jonathan Ames, a mediocre writer who has read a few too many detective novels. When Ames splits up with his girlfriend, he makes the decision to post an ad on classified website Craigslist offering his services as a private detective. His hilarious best buddy Ray Hueston, played by Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover, Due Date) appears in a yellow superhero jumpsuit and together they take us on a peculiar journey. We caught up with Galifianakis in an attempt to unravel this wacky dark comedy.

What’s the tone of the best-friend character, Ray?
He’s just this angry, early curmudgeon guy that is frustrated with his existence. It’s really easy and fun to play, though he’s not a nice guy and he’s not socially gracious.

Were you a fan of Jason Schwartzman, prior to this?
Yes. Jason Schwartzman was a big reason that I wanted to do the show. I think he’s very good, clever and subtle, and a very nice man.

How long have you known him?
I only knew him right before working with him. He gave me a call and said that he was happy we were going to work together. Gentlemen are hard to find these days, especially in showbiz, and Jason and Ted Danson [who plays editor George Christopher in the show] are just gentlemen.

How does it feel to go from stand-up comedian to the big comedy star of 2010?
If I were 26 and this was happening, it would all be great. I would probably buy 17 Dodge Vipers. But I haven’t bought any because they don’t make them in station wagon form.

With the success of Due Date and The Hangover, what does it feel like to be Zach Galifianakis now?
It still feels fat. It feels the same to me. I forget that I’m in stuff, so I just live my life inside my own mind and I forget that I’m in movies now.

Is this funny to you?
No, it’s not. It’s a major inconvenience. People are coming and putting things through my mailbox.

Like what?
Just notes from neighbours, like death threats… No, not really.

Where does your stand-up fit in, right now?
Stand-up is the world that I know, and it’s the thing I’m most comfortable with, as far as the freedom goes and being your own boss. As soon as I’m washed up, in a couple of years, I’ll return to stand-up.

Are there any plans for you to do The Hangover 2?
If there’s a good script and we would all like to work together, maybe.

Now that you’re a big name, who’s the most famous person on your speed dial?
Three of the members from the [’80s Motown] band DeBarge. Nobody remembers them. Nobody. I don’t hang out with famous people. I think they’re jerks.

But you’re good friends with Bradley Cooper [The A-Team, Nip/Tuck, Yes Man], aren’t you?
Is he famous now? Bradley is a friend of mine. He likes to come over to my house and take naps, which I find weird. Not with me, but he will just nap.

Does he give you any advice about dealing with fame?
I don’t talk to Bradley about that stuff. It’s his fault that he’s a pretty boy. I don’t have to deal with that stuff. That’s his fault.

Have you splurged on anything since you’ve become famous?
No. I don’t spend money. I still have my 1998 Subaru that I will probably drive until it runs out. Hopefully, I’ll drive it for 10 more years.

Bored to Death season two airs on Fridays at 10pm on OSN Comedy.

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