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Thu 10

Short History of Convict Australia
10pm, Travel Channel
In 1787, prisoners left from Portsmouth in the UK and travelled 24,000km to Botany Bay in Australia. This show tells us more about their journey.

Royal Inquest
11.30pm, Investigation Discovery
Lord Mountbatten’s boat is bombed; the forensic team get on the case.

The Rock
7pm, MBC Action
Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris star in this thriller, where a rogue general threatens to get nasty with biological weapons.

School for Scoundrels
8pm, MBC Max
An American nerd finds his teacher getting in the way of him chasing the girl of his dreams.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
8pm, OSN Comedy +2
Hollywood stars are grilled by the US comedian in this humorous talk show.

American Idol
9pm, America Plus
Catch the new season of this TV talent show, as new hosts Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez whittle down the hopefuls in their search for a new pop star.

Spirit of a Champion: Roger Federer
1.30pm, Showsports 2
Meet the 29-year-old Swiss tennis champion: a composed and charming man who has picked up a record number of trophies during his glittering career.

Fri 11

4.05pm, Outdoor Channel
On today’s show, the team plays with some amazing 19th century guns.

Flavours of Peru
7.30pm, Travel Channel
It’s not a bad life for the Flavours of Peru crew. This week they spend a week on the beach in Pucusana and cook up some ceviche, the traditional (and delicious) raw fish dish.

Man in the Chair
6.30pm, Cinema City
An award-winning indie film: love and rebellion entwine in a life-changing relationship between a grumpy man and a troubled teen.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
10pm, MBC Max
Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley are back on the high seas. This time, Captain Jack Sparrow helps to fight dead pirates.

Project Runway
2pm, MBC 4
Tonight, speed-skating legend and Dancing with the Stars winner Apolo Anton Ohno is a guest on the show.

Big Love
10pm, Showseries
The season four premiere of this family drama kicks off with the Hendricksons planning their Indian reservation casino.

Champions Tour
9.30pm, Fox Sports
Watch the finest players in golf, with event coverage from the Champions Tour as players compete for the Charles Schwab Cup.

Sat 12

Monkey Thieves
10pm, Nat Geo Wild
The monkeys have gone mad attacking people, so a professional monkey catcher has been called in to help.

LA Ink
12.45am, Discovery Channel
The tattoo artists work on a design for rapper The Game.

No Country for Old Men
4pm, Showmovies Action
A Coen brothers classic. A hunter stumbles on $2 million in cash and tries to keep it for himself, but a hitman is sent to track him down.

Fantastic Mr Fox
6pm, OSN Movies
George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Bill Murray give voice to Roald Dahl’s novel in an enjoyable Pixar family animation.

The Colbert Report
7pm, OSN Comedy +2
A satirical look at all the latest happenings in US politics.

South Park
Midnight, OSN Comedy
Expect shocking subject matter, delivered hilariously, as the South Park gang get up to more mischief.

Total Rugby
11.30pm, Showsports 3
Updates from the world of rugby union, including match highlights from across the globe.

Sun 13

Predator vs Prey
6.10pm, Discovery HD Showcase
Learn more about grizzly bears and elks with Dave Salmoni in Yellowstone National Park.

The Lion Ranger
9pm, Nat Geo Wild
Kevin tries his best to keep the lions and hyenas happy, but there are money troubles at the park.

8pm, MBC 2
Chinese Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia, played by Jet Li, tries to restore China’s pride.

Inglourious Basterds
9pm, Showmovies
Tarantino gets to rewrite history in this terrific second world war action flick, starring Brad Pitt, Christophe Waltz and Diane Kruger.

9pm, OSN Comedy
Vince and crew are back on the small screen. Tonight he meets film star Sasha Grey.

Himalaya with Michael Palin
10pm, BBC Entertainment
Palin takes us to one of the most politically controversial areas in the world: China’s rule in Tibet.

Live Super League
11pm, Showsports 3
Will UK team Leeds retain their Super League crown? Watch 13 rugby teams battle for the trophy.

Mon 14

Nostradamus Effect
8.30pm, History
We’ve been scared of his theory for years: is the end of the world approaching?

Prehistoric Hunters
5pm, Nat Geo Wild
One prehistoric bear in North America weighed more than a tonne. The team investigate what he ate.

7pm, Showmovies +2
A Dominican baseball player tries to make it big in the American league to support his family.

Adventures of Power
9pm, Showmovies
Comedy A young man is on his way to becoming the world’s greatest air-drummer and making something out of nothing.

The View
6.10pm, MBC Action
The women chat about the highlights and headlines of the day.

My Generation
10pm, America Plus
Flashbacks continue as the group
of friends reminisce about their high-school years.

Live Welsh Open Snooker
11pm, Showsports 3
Newport in Wales is the location for the next bout of snooker.

Tue 15

Roll With It
9pm, Outdoor Channel
This mohawk-sporting painter customises trucks with flames.

World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides
11pm, Travel Channel
On the amazing 2,500-mile journey along Route 66, the bikers get to travel through California, Arizona and New Mexico.

Phoebe in Wonderland
6pm, Cinema City
Heartwarming story in which a nine-year-old girl with Tourette’s loosens up after taking part in a school production.

You Don’t Know Jack
7.45pm, OSN Movies HD
Al Pacino plays the role of Jack Kevorkian, a renowned physician who assists suicide.

Private Practice
9pm, Showseries
Old Seattle Grace doc Addison Montgomery carries on with life in sunny California with her former med-school friends.

Lie to Me
10pm, America Plus
As the season draws to an end, psychologist Dr Cal Lightman cracks down on more liars.

National Hockey League
11pm, Fox HD
Tune in to more fast and ferocious ice-hockey action.

Wed 16

Wild Freaks
9pm, National Geo Wild
Find out fascinating facts about jellyfish, one of the least understood species in the world.

Trev Gowdy’s Monster Fish
11pm, Investigation Discovery
The US angler gets closer to finding his largest fish.

Lucky Number Slevin
10pm, MBC 2
Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis and Lucy Liu team up in this film of mistaken identity, where Slevin finds himself in the middle of a mob war.

An Education
10pm, Super Movies
A young girl in ’60s London finds herself in a dilemma when she gets involved with a man twice her age.

8.30pm, OSN Comedy
Join the misfits at Greendale Community College, where Jeff has resorted to living in his car, and Pierce joins Vaughn’s band.

The Event
10pm, America Plus
Sci-fi and politics entwine as season one of the alien show unfolds.

V8 Supercar Series Highlights
11pm, Showsports 4
The best bits from the Aussie motorsport series (the first race took place in Abu Dhabi this week).

Dig into fresh new dishes at the Meydan Racecourse nightspot

Time Out Dubai Vlogs takes on one of the hardest eating competitions in the UAE

Workers across Dubai will get three days off next week

Expect discounts of up to 50% on dining, shopping and entertainment for three days

The dates for the special occasion have been announced

Dubai will be dry at the start of the week ahead of Eid al-Adha


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