Five essential Dubai apps

The top add-ons for your smartphone

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Given the number of smartphone apps available for download these days, it’s hard to believe that the iPhone didn’t exist five years ago. The sheer volume of options can be daunting, but if you have nothing else on your smartphone, these are our must-have Dubai apps for basic survival.

Arabic Language Buddy
For Blackberry/Apple Dhs37

This app will help you avoid many long and confusing conversations: the Language Buddy records your speech and translates it, enabling you to have a flowing conversation with someone even if you don’t share a common language. Users praise this app, saying it’s much more effective than any other translator they’ve come across, and its list of commonly used phrases will help you get by if your Arabic is lacking.
Search for ‘Arabic Language Buddy’ on the iTunes Store (US).

For Blackberry/Apple Free

Pay your bills on the move, without having to commit hours of your precious time (and lunch breaks) to those dreaded Dubai queues. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority now offers an app that features bill enquiries, conservation tips, news, events and payment options and, if you can’t work the darn thing out, it also provides details of the nearest DEWA office. If you’re sometimes forgetful with the bill payments and have ever arrived home to find the power cut off, the app’s push notifications will even alert (ie nag) you when there are outstanding payments to be made.
Search for ‘DEWA’ on the iTunes Store.

For Blackberry/Apple Free

This UAE-wide shopping assistant boasts a list of mall directories (no more craning your neck over confusing mall maps) and brings deals direct to your pocket for a whole range of shops, whether you’re after a bargain laptop or clothes store sales. If you, like us, spend money like it’s going out of fashion, this could well be the best download for your rapidly shrinking wallet – it’s free to download and, by using your location, will find the nearest malls to you and tell you the best stores in which to save money.
Search for ‘iShopaholic’ on the iTunes Store.

For Apple Free

Perfect for public transport and road users alike, the RTA’s iPhone app is an interactive-based application that includes a list of services designed to benefit anyone who needs to travel across Dubai. One of the application’s main features is to provide details of the service centre and metro or bus station closest to your current location. You can also book a taxi to a specified area without having to make a phone call.
Search for ‘RTA’ on the iTunes Store.

Time Out Dubai
For Apple Free

Our very own app will keep you up to date with everything happening in Dubai – this little gem lets you know the best places to shop, eat, and go out at night. With reviews from our critics, as well as top 10 lists letting you know the swankiest places to go in Dubai, this app is a must have for anyone who is anyone in our city.
Search for ‘Time Out Dubai’ on the iTunes Store.

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