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Thu December 29

Eye Of The Leopard
Embark onto an enthralling journey deep into the rarely seen lives of leopards. Tonight, see how a mother and her six cubs fight for survival.
6pm, Nat Geo Wild

MasterChef US
A nationwide search for the best home cooks in America, as the wannabes go head to head.
8.30pm, MBC 4

Uplifting Pixar animation, in which 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen heads to South America with eight-year-old Russell.
9pm, Star Movies HD

My Best Friend’s Girl
A man makes a living convincing women to run back to men they have broken up with.
11pm, OSN Movies Comedy

Ross is proud that his thesis is in the library, but is upset it’s in a section so deserted that students rarely go there.
7pm, OSN Comedy

Ryan’s refusal to take Wilfred’s advice on a sensitive matter leads to the rapid development of a huge problem. 8.30pm,
OSN Comedy

Pro12 Celtic League
See the best club sides from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy face off in a 12-team league. Tonight, Munster take
on Connacht.
7pm, OSN Sports 2

Watch as talented newcomers from WWE’s academy compete to become a contracted member of the WWE shows.
8pm, OSN Sports 4

Fri 30

Ax Men
Reality show about mill-workers. At Lemare, Gord rushes to get a season’s profit to the mill in time, while last-minute gambles backfire and the race to the end of the season is fraught.
5pm, History

Tia and Tamera
The girls decide to vent their wedding frustrations, but when it turns into a shouting match, Tamera is left in tears.
9.30pm, Style

Napoleon Dynamite
Quirky high-school comedy with Jon Heder. A listless teenager decides to help his new friend win the class presidency at their small-town school.
3pm, OSN Movies Comedy

The first film in the teen series. Bella doesn’t expect anything exciting to happen when she moves to Forks. But her life begins to change when she meets vampire Edward Cullen.
4pm, MBC 2

Kojak thinks the stalker of a jazz singer is also the bomber who’s keeping him busy. He begins to think that it may be an employee.
7pm, OSN First HD

Sue starts a dirty campaign against Burt, and the competition between New Directions and the Troubletones gets nasty.
8pm, OSN Comedy

Live Twenty20
Big Bash League Take in all the action from the pitch as Sydney Thunder take on Melbourne Renegade in this nationwide league of one-day cricket.
Noon, OSN Sports 2

The Life And Films of Alby Falzon
Documentary following surfer and filmmaker Alby Falzon, featuring some never-before-seen footage and hilarious storytelling.
8pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Sat 31

Extreme Tourist Afghanistan
Join Sabour Bradley in Kabul where he prepares to audition for reality show Afghan Idol, the country’s most popular and controversial television programme.
3pm, Nat Geo Adventure HD

Bob Ballard Specials
Beneath the Black Sea lies a 1,500-year-old shipwreck in near perfect condition. But how has it survived?
8.30pm, National Geographic Channel

Pretty Woman
Cult classic about a Hollywood girl (Julia Roberts) hired by a wealthy businessman (Richard Gere) to be his escort for business and social functions. Their relationship soon develops.
2.40pm, Star Movies HD

Brad Pitt, David Duchovny and Juliette Lewis star in this tense psychodrama about a graduate student and his girlfriend on a cross-country road trip.
11pm, OSN Action HD

Tower Prep
Several of the students of Tower Prep attempt to commandeer a satellite in order to make a phone call, and Suki sees her brother, who she believed was dead.
1pm, OSN First HD

Modern Family
Gloria and Claire spend some quality time with their kids by taking them on a hike.
5pm, OSN First HD

Dragrace High
Students in the advanced auto shop classes of two California high schools are pitted against each other in a car-building contest.
4.15pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Global Golf Adventure
Golf and travel show hosted by NBC Sport’s Mark Rolfing, with celeb and golf guests in each episode.
7pm, Fox Sports HD

Sun January 1

Cake Boss
The team visits a museum to help them create an authentic prehistoric mammal cake.
5.55pm, Discovery Channel

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Kim’s wedding: part one. The family goes crazy when Kim decides to get married immediately.
6.25pm, E! Channel

The Green Hornet
The hard-partying son of a media magnate realises his true calling as a crime-fighting vigilante. Stars Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz.
6pm, OSN Movies HD +2

The Losers
An elite US Special Forces team on a mission in the Bolivian jungle starts to wage war on the CIA.
8pm, OSN Cinema

CSI Miami
The crime team suspects a scholarly student is responsible for stoning to death a high-school bully.
6pm, OSN First +2

Body Of Proof
The investigation into a fatal car crash reveals the seedy underbelly of a perfect-looking neighbourhood.
8pm, OSN First

Cowboy U
Professional cowboys attempt to acclimatise a fresh batch of city dwellers to the cowboy lifestyle.
7.10pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championships
Take a look back at the leading riders on the 2010 circuit.
8.50pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Mon 2

Infamous Murders
In the ’70s, a security guard and his cousin butchered 12 women.
6.30pm, Crime & Investigation

Kourtney & Kim Take New York
New season. Kourtney and Kim return to NYC, and live with their men under one roof.
6.55pm, E! Channel

The Tempest
An exiled magician uses her powers to call upon a tempest to summon her enemies, not knowing it will bring a suitor to her daughter.
6pm, OSN Cinema

The Payback
The son of a small-town sheriff returns home to discover his town is now overrun with crime.
8pm, OSN Movies Action

Law & Order: Los Angeles
When a man is found murdered in his bathtub, Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski quickly determine possible suspects.
7pm, OSN First HD

Desperate Housewives
Susan gets embarrassed when her art teacher asks his students to disrobe during an interactive painting class.
9pm, OSN First

Fantasy Factory
Former skateboarder turned entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek spends his life turning fantasy into reality, with an offbeat way of realising his own make-believe world.
6.20pm, Extreme Sports Channel

IFMXF 2010
Watch the biggest names in FMX compete around the globe.
8pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Tue 3

1,000 Places to See Before You Die
Newlyweds Albin and Melanie travel to Peru to see the Nazca Lines.
6.15pm, Discovery HD Showcase

Border Security
A man arrives on a tourist visa, but customs thinks he plans to work. Will they discover the truth?
8.10pm, Discovery

The harrowing true story of the survivors of a plane crash high up in the cold, remote Andes.
6pm, OSN Movies Action

The Slammin’ Salmon
Comedy about a restaurant owner who initiates a contest to see which waiter can earn the most in a night, with a cash prize for the winner.
8pm, OSN Movies HD

Happy Endings
Alex and Jane’s sibling rivalry heats up, and Dave dates an unusual but attractive woman.
7.30pm, OSN Comedy +2

Private Practice
Without Sam’s knowledge, Addison begins her IVF treatment.
9pm, OSN First

The Alli Show
Six different action sports told through the eyes of the athletes.
8pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Best of the Streets
An insider’s guide to New York’s skate scene, blending action and the city’s best spots.
8.50pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Wed 4

Buccaneer and Bones
Old friends Michael Keaton and Tom McGuane share a boat in this fishing show.
7pm, Outdoor Channel

Steven Seagal: Lawman
Movie star-turned-deputy sheriff Steven Seagal confronts a man waving a loaded gun on the road.
9pm, Crime & Investigation

Witness to Jonestown
Documentary shedding some light on the 1978 Jonestown tragedy in Guyana.
6pm, OSN Movies Festival

Moonlight And Valentino
A widow grieving over her husband’s death is comforted by a house painter (played by Jon Bon Jovi).
8pm, OSN Movies Festival

The Office US
A new assistant’s incompetence has the Dunder Mifflin staff up in arms, but Michael refuses to fire him.
7.30pm, OSN Comedy +2

Parks and Recreation
Leslie welcomes the Parks and Recreation department from Pawnee’s sister city in Venezuela.
8.30pm, OSN Comedy

Blood, Sweat and Gears
Featuring up-to-date race action from motocross, supermoto and enduro series across the UK.
7.10pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Two friends are let loose in the Canadian wild, armed only with a map.
9.40pm, Extreme Sports Channel

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