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Catch Despicable Me or When Harry Met Sally

Television, Time In
Television, Time In
Wed 22

Clouded Leopard
Follow the unique rehabilitation of two orphaned clouded leopard cubs as they return to their natural habitat in the heart of the jungle.
6pm, Nat Geo Wild

Border Security
Suspicions are raised when two men arrive for a conference that has ended.
8.10pm, Discovery Channel

The A-Team
Action starring Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper. Sentenced to military prison for a crime they didn’t commit, four Iraq War veterans break out and embark on a treacherous quest to clear their names.
6pm, OSN Cinema

When Harry Met Sally
Classic romantic comedy with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as two old friends.
9pm, Star Movies HD

The Simpsons
Homer skips a date with Marge so he can buy a lottery ticket.
6.05pm, Star World HD

Once Upon a Time
David decides to tell Kathryn about his relationship with Mary Margaret. In fairytale world, Prince Charming searches for Snow White.
8pm, OSN First HD

Trans World Sport
Popular weekly round-up of sports action from around the globe, with features on lesser-known sports and profiles of rising stars.
7pm, OSN Sports 2

IRB Rugby Sevens
International teams playing the fastest form of rugby in front of packed stadiums.
9pm, OSN Sports 2

Thu 23

Adventure Wanted
The challenges that Joby Ogwyn has completed in the past are just a warm-up for his ultimate challenge: a base jump off the Eiger in Switzerland.
6pm, Nat Geo Adventure HD

Investigating History
When Napoleon died on an island in 1821, rumoured causes ranged from syphilis to scurvy.
9pm, History

Paper Man
Affectionate comedy-drama detailing the unlikely friendship between a failed writer and a Long Island schoolgirl.
6pm, OSN Movies HD +2

The Eagle
Set in second-century Britain and following young centurion Marcus Aquila on his quest to solve the mystery of the missing Ninth Legion.
10pm, OSN Cinema +2

Ugly Betty
Betty is fed up with Player magazine, especially their ‘chicks in bras’ interpretations of her story ideas.
6.30pm, Star World HD

Grey’s Anatomy
Richard is desperate for Adele to be accepted into the Alzheimer’s trial and competitiveness for the Chief Resident position is amplified.
8pm, Star World HD

Super League
The Super League showcases some of the most exciting rugby league in the world. Will Leeds Rhinos retain their Super League Crown? A total of 13 other teams will be gunning to stop them, and tonight it’s Huddersfield against Warrington.
6pm, OSN Sports 1 HD

ODI Cricket Highlights
All the action from the latest match between India and Sri Lanka.
10pm, OSN Sports 2

Despicable Me
Animated comedy about a villain who is forced to take on parenthood.
10pm, OSN Movies HD

Fri 24

Dino Death Trap
Join Dr Jim Clark and his team as they unearth answers to a virtual black hole in dinosaur evolution.
12.30pm, National Geographic Channel

A feisty trucking company manager vanishes from her home without a trace. The case takes a terrifying turn when her purse is found near the lair of a serial killer.
11.10pm, Investigation Discovery

Guarding Tess
A man used to a life of danger and excitement is given a new and unexpected challenge: looking after a grouchy old lady.
2.30pm, OSN Movies Comedy

America’s Sweethearts
A movie publicist deals with the messy public split of his movie’s co-stars and tries to keep reporters away from them.
6pm, MBC 2

Jerry plays an odd game of chess to decide whether he should keep dating a vacuous model. George is dating a woman with a big nose and Kramer tells her the truth.
Noon, OSN Comedy +2

Til Death
Eddie and Joy feel left out as the only neighbours not to be included at a funeral.
4.30pm, OSN Comedy +2

Live Super Rugby
Catch all the action from this southern hemisphere competition, as teams battle it out. Today Brumbies take on Western Force.
12.30pm, OSN Sports 1 HD

Stairsmasters 2011
A one-of-a kind snowboarding and lifestyle event, showcasing the world’s best snowboard street-riders. It’s Canada’s party of the year.
9.15pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Sat 25

Cruise Ship Diaries
Italian band Nomadi are set to perform a rock concert in Costa Serena’s theatre. Security will be beefed up to handle difficult fans and paparazzi.
1.30pm, National Geographic Channel

Deep Sea Detectives
Mel Fisher spent years searching for a Spanish galleon off the Florida Keys and recovered Dhs1.5 billion in gold and silver. But why stop there? See what else lies beneath.
7pm, History

Monsters, Inc.
Family animation. Monsters generate their city’s power by scaring children, but are afraid themselves of being contaminated by the youngsters.
1.30pm, Star Movies HD

The Wolfman
A man experiences an eerie transformation when he returns to his ancestral home in Victorian-era Britain and is attacked by a werewolf.
8pm, OSN Movies Action

Law & Order: Los Angeles
Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski comb the beach to investigate the murder of a former pro surf champion. Deputy District Attorney Morales goes the extra mile to unmask the true culprit to get justice.
1pm, OSN First HD

After unintentionally activating a Kryptonian box that Lionel Luthor once possessed, Clark is sent to an alternate universe.
4pm, OSN First HD

WWE Bottom Line
A weekly highlights show for all grapple fans, bringing you the best coverage and the biggest hits from the week’s WWE events.
6pm, OSN Sports 4

National Hockey League
All the puck-smashing action as the US national teams go head to head. Tonight, Minnesota Wild face off against the Lone Star state’s Dallas Stars.
8.30pm, Fox Sports HD

Sun 26

Swamp Lions
The swamp pride’s mighty male is killed, leaving the others defenceless.
6pm, Nat Geo Wild HD

Meet The Amish
Surf’s up as the Amish teenagers move in with a clan of surfers in Cornwall.
8pm, Nat Geo Adventure

Apocalyptic sci-fi action following the Mayan prophecy that the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012.
6pm, OSN Movies Festival

Killing Bono
Comedy about two brothers who watch their dreams of superstardom go up in flames.
9pm, OSN Movies Comedy

As part of the Dollhouse’s deal with Ballard, Echo becomes the ultimate double agent.
6pm, Fox

Body of Proof
A medical student is key to solving why a murder victim’s body shows up in place of a cadaver.
8pm, OSN First HD

European Tour Weekly
The eighth round of the European PGA Tour, the cream of the European golf circuit.
6.30pm, OSN Sports 3

Cowboy U
Professional cowboys acclimatise a fresh batch of city dwellers to the cowboy lifestyle.
7.35pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Mon 27

The Universe
Are the rings of Saturn a real celestial phenomenon or a cosmic illusion? Experts explain.
6pm, History

Sharks in the City
The Gold Coast area in Australia has sharks in the suburbs and there are reports of attacks.
9pm, Nat Geo Wild HD

Old School (Editor’s pick)
Three friends dissatisfied with life try to recapture the chaos of their college days by moving in together.
6pm, MBC 2

Jason X
Sci-fi horror. Jason Voorhees returns with a new look.
8pm, OSN Movies Action

Revenge (Editor’s pick)
Emily’s plot unravels as Victoria’s relationship with her family grows more tense.
8pm, OSN First HD

Desperate Housewives
Susan finds out who fathered Julie’s baby and Orson vows to nurse Bree back to health.
9pm, OSN First HD

2012 US Figure-Skating Championships
The best of the best compete.
6pm, OSN Sports 4

Taig Jumping the Tower
Taig Khris attempts the world’s highest in-line jump, dropping in from the Eiffel Tower.
7.10pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Tue 28

What Would Happen If
What would it be like if there was no friction in the world?
6pm, National Geographic Channel


Jessica McCord spent seven years fighting for custody of two kids, until her new husband stepped in.
8pm, Crime & Investigation

End Of Days
Action with Arnold Schwarzenegger. A woman believes she has felt an evil presence and it’s up to an elite bodyguard to keep her safe.
7.30pm, Star Movies HD

A team of explorers are trapped in an underground cave system.
9pm, OSN Action HD

Two and a Half Men
Charlie gets even more unwanted house guests after Alan burns down Lyndsey’s home.
6pm, OSN Comedy +2

Private Practice
The doctors launch an investigation after Betsey’s second emergency room visit.
8.45pm, Star World HD

Scottish Premier League
Inverness CT and Rangers face off.
6pm, OSN Sports 1 HD

A look back at the top moments from the X Games.
8.50pm, Extreme Sports Channel

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