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Catch Silence of the Lambs or The Thomas Crown Affair

Television, Time In
Television, Time In
Wed 29

Flavours of Peru
We travel to the Colca Canyon, more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and peppered with thermal hot springs. Charlie visits the local villages for a fiesta.
7.30pm, Travel Channel

Investigating History
Does the small French village of Rennes le Chateau cradle secrets protected for centuries?
9pm, History

In His Life: The John Lennon Story
A personal and revealing look at the formative years of Beatles founder John Lennon and the human relationships and musical influences that shaped his life.
6pm, MGM

The king of Rushmore prep school is put on academic probation. With Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman.
9.10pm, Star Movies HD

Two and a Half Men
While Charlie’s off getting plastic surgery, Alan pretends to be him at a bar.
6pm, OSN Comedy +2

Mr Sunshine
The chaos created by a broken air conditioner reveals how little respect the Sunshine Centre staff have for Ben.
7.30pm, OSN Comedy

Ed’s Up
Canadian rock star and recreational pilot Ed Robertson lands in far-flung places and rolls up his sleeves for some dirty and dangerous sports.
6.20pm, Extreme Sports Channel

America’s Game

Relive all the greatest moments from Super Bowl’s past.
7.30pm, Fox Sports HD

Thu 1

Power, Privilege and Justice
Documentary programme examining the arrest and trial of Baretta and In Cold Blood actor Robert Blake, who was accused of murdering his wife in 2002.
5pm, Crime & Investigation

Bang Goes the Theory
Dallas meets the team behind a 1,600kph car, while Jem looks at what makes stuff sticky.
9.05pm, Discovery Science

Deadly Impact
Sean Patrick Flanery and Joe Pantoliano headline this high-octane action thriller about a tough-as-nails cop seeking revenge against a notorious assassin.
6pm, OSN Movies Action

8 Mile
A hard-edged urban drama, starring Eminem and Brittany Murphy, about a young man who tries to escape rough inner-city Detroit.
10pm, OSN Movies Action

The Simpsons
Homer becomes obsessed with a family sitcom and starts acting like the show’s father.
7pm, OSN Comedy

A dead body is found at a local vineyard and their hotel room is broken into, so Shawn and Juliet kiss their hopes of a romantic weekend goodbye and join the investigation.
8pm, OSN First

Golfing World
A daily mix of the latest golf news, tournament updates, golfing tips, highlights, interviews and much more.
6.30pm, OSN Sports 2

Top 14 Highlights
The best rugby teams in France go head to head, producing some of the tastiest rugby union the Northern Hemisphere has to offer.
10pm, OSN Sports 3

Fri 2

Life’s a Trip
Andrew Anthony travels to LA, San Diego, Palm Springs and Las Vegas to take a sneak peek at some radical anti-ageing programs.
1.30pm, Travel Channel

Pressure Cook
Celebrity chef Ralph Pagano is dropped off in Finland. He must use the extra hours of sunlight to earn his ticket home, or he’ll have to eat an eel-like parasite.
11.30pm, Nat Geo Adventure

An absent-minded professor (Robin Williams) discovers ‘Flubber’, a rubber-like super-bouncy substance.
1pm, OSN Movies Comedy

Riding in Cars with Boys
The bittersweet true story of a teenage mother who never gives up her dream of becoming a writer, despite the condemnation of her family.
7.45pm, OSN Movies Festival

Law & Order: Los Angeles
When two innocent children are killed in a meth lab explosion, detectives learn a group involved with the explosion are planning something more destructive, an attempt to bomb LAX.
1pm, OSN First HD

Will asks the Glee Club to help him propose to Emma.
8pm, OSN FIrst HD

Live Super Rugby
Catch all the action from this southern hemisphere competition, as the Rebels take on the Waratahs in a bruising encounter to see who will be crowned the champions.
12.30pm, OSN Sports 2

Premier League Darts
Round four from Exeter. Premier League Darts features the world’s greatest players competing around the UK in a league format.
7.30pm, OSN Sports 3

Sat 3

The Ride: Alaska to Patagonia
Join 15 travellers on their 32,000km motorcycle trip as they visit a Native American sweat lodge and swim in the ice-cold lakes of Alaska.
2pm, Nat Geo Adventure HD

World Wild Vet
Luke Gamble is in Thailand to help at a dog shelter that is overwhelmed with animals. He also helps elephants injured by landmines.
7.25pm, Animal Planet

A bomber wires a city bus to detonate if the speedometer drops below 50mph. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock star.
Noon, OSN Movies Action

Country Strong
A fallen country star (Gwyneth Paltrow) strives to resurrect her career with a little help from her husband and an ambitious songwriter.
9pm, OSN Premiere +2

Drop Dead Diva
Jane helps Deb’s former sorority house mother, Kristin, in proving the casino in which she lost all of her money created an environment of intoxication. Later, Jane learns the truth behind Kristin’s gambling debt.
6pm, OSN First +2

Criminal Minds
The team travels to St Louis to investigate the disappearances of kids, and Rossi reconnects with his first wife.
9pm, OSN First HD

The Alli Show
A portrait of six different sports told through the eyes of the best up-and-coming action sports athletes, featuring profiles of the best new stars.
12.55pm, Extreme Sports Channel

WWE Vintage Collection
The biggest names in sports-entertainment history, such as Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, face each other at the most famous US venues.
5.30pm, OSN Sports 1 HD

Sun 4

Parking Wars
Philadelphia’s Parking Authority goes about its daily business: clamping cars and towing trucks.
7.30pm, Crime & Investigation

Risk Takers
Photographer Jim Oltersdorf risks his life for a perfect shot.
8.40pm, Discovery Showcase HD

The Thomas Crown Affair
A millionaire plots a bank robbery. With Rene Russo.
6.15pm, OSN Movies Festival

The Haunting in Connecticut
A supernatural thriller inspired by the true-life tale of a family that moved into a funeral home.
7pm, OSN Premiere

The Office US (Editor’s pick)
Erin desperately tries to create the exact Halloween party that Robert and Andy envision.
6pm, OSN Comedy +2

Mark’s refusal to recycle causes a rift with Alex. Whitney tries to get to the bottom of it.
9pm, OSN Comedy

Trans World Sport
Immensely popular weekly round-up of sports action from around the globe.
6pm, OSN Sports 3

Pac-12 Men’s Basketball
Conference men’s basketball match-ups from the US.
8pm, Fox Sports HD

Mon 5

Professor Shaler’s students are given two areas to inspect and both teams struggle to make sense of the evidence.
6.20pm, Investigation Discovery

Cash Cab US
Trivia game show featuring unsuspecting taxi passengers.
7.45pm, Discovery Channel

Phone Booth
A brash, self-centred public relations man (Colin Farrell) finds himself trapped in a phone booth.
6.15pm, OSN Movies Action

The Resident
Hilary Swank plays a doctor who suspects she may not be alone in her new Brooklyn loft.
9pm, OSN Premiere

Just Shoot Me
Finch sets up an argument between Vicki and Nina, leaving them with revenge on their minds when they discover the truth.
7.30pm, OSN Comedy +2

Hot in Cleveland
Melanie asks Rick for help when Joy gets into trouble.
8.30pm, OSN Comedy

Asian Tour Highlights
Highlights from the latest round of the prestigious PGA Asian Tour.
7pm, OSN Sports 2

Futbol Mundial
Weekly football show offering unique insight into the news and stories of the week.
9.30pm, OSN Sports 2

Tue 6

Man, Woman, Wild
Survival expert Myke Hawke and his wife Ruth take on some of the most forbidding locations in the world.
7pm, Discover Showcase HD

The Korean War In Colour
The story of the war from a previously untold perspective, through the eyes of the people.
9pm, History

Inside Job (Editor’s pick)
An insightful documentary into the economic meltdown that hit America in 2008.
6pm, OSN Movies HD

My Best Friend’s Wedding
Julianne (Julia Roberts) made a pact to marry her friend if they were single at 28. But he’s marrying his girlfriend.
9pm, OSN Movies Comedy

Grey’s Anatomy
Teddy puts her husband’s life in the hands of her peers. Derek and Meredith receive news about Zola.
8pm, OSN First

The Old Guys
Tom and Roy are devastated when they discover that Sally has fallen in love with Mark.
8.30pm, BBC Entertainment

Big Ten Men’s Swimming and Diving
The world’s elite athletes take to the pool.
7pm, Fox Sports HD

Super Rugby Highlights
The best of this week’s Super Rugby action, all the way from the southern hemisphere.
9pm, OSN Sports 3

The Silence of the Lambs
An FBI cadet seeks the advice of the psychopathic Dr Hannibal Lecter.
9pm, OSN Action HD

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If you’re going to stay in, make it for a good reason

If you’re going to stay in, make it for a good reason


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