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Get on the road with Thelma and Louise

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Wed 21

See what takes place behind the scenes to transform salt and sand into a high-tech light and sound extravaganza at The Rolling Stones concert in Rio.
6pm, Nat Geo HD

The Devil Catfish, a legendary fighter, is rumoured to have his tastebuds fine-tuned for human flesh.
8pm, Nat Geo Wild

Certified Copy
A British author and a French art gallery owner form an intimate bond after a chance meeting in a quaint Southern Tuscany village.
6pm, OSN Comedy

The Fog of War
A documentary about the former US Secretary of Defence and the lessons he learned about modern war.
9pm, OSN Movies HD +2

Beckett is called in to work with the FBI when a two-year-old girl goes missing. Meanwhile, Castle vies for Beckett’s attention.
7.20pm, Star World HD

Melissa and Joey
Joey’s ex-wife wants to rekindle thier marriage and Lennox stuggles at school.
7pm, OSN Comedy

Ladies European Tour Golf Highlights
All the highlights from the week’s competitions on the Ladies European Tour.
7.30pm, OSN Sports 3

Scottish Premier League
The competition continues between Scotland’s top-level professional football teams. Tonight: Dundee Utd v Rangers.
9pm, OSN Sports 1 HD

Thu 22

1,000 Places To See Before You Die
Intrepid explorers Melanie and Albin discover the delights of Guadalajara and the Pacific beach resort Zihuatanejo when they travel to Mexico.
6.15pm, Discovery Showcase HD

Planet Food
Thai food is valued for its low fat content and health enhancing properties.
8pm, Travel Channel

Blank Slate
An amnesiac (Lisa Brenner) sentenced to death for a murder she can’t remember committing is given a second chance when recruited as part of the FBI’s unsolved crimes division.
6pm, OSN Movies Action

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations
A man with the ability to leap back and forth through time tries to help solve a murder.
10.15pm, OSN Movies Action

Ugly Betty
Betty teams up with Matt and Marc for their all-important final YETI project, but Matt’s slacking off could jeopardise everything.
6.40pm, Star World HD

Detroit 1-8-7
The squad drops everything to investigate the murder of a college co-ed while Sanchez is busy checking into Stone’s ex-girlfriend.
8.40pm, Star World HD

Formula One Powerboats Highlights
Enjoy the action-packed competitive sport of powerboat racing while taking in some spectacular and breathtaking locations.
6pm, OSN Sports 4

Kenny Belaey’s Big Time
The Belgian bike trails legend takes a trip around the world to showcase the history of the sport.
6.45pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Fri 23

Deadliest Catch
The Time Bandit enjoys unseasonable weather and unprecedented catches. But when the weather drastically changes, the boat is caught in an ice pack.
2.10pm, Discovery Showcase HD

World’s Strangest UFO Stories (Editor’s pick)
Scotland has more UFO sightings per capita than in any other country.
7.50pm, Discovery Science

Bruce Almighty
A guy who complains too often is given almighty powers to teach him how difficult it is to run the world. Starring Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Aniston.
3.20pm, Star Movies HD

A Perfect Getaway
Newlyweds hiking in Hawaii pair up with another couple, but suspicions arise when killers in the area are described as a young couple.
9.15pm, OSN Action HD

Terra Nova
A meteor knocks out power in the colony, and Maddy and Reynolds get stuck in the wild.
3pm, OSN First HD

The Mentalist
The murder of a wealthy salesman with cancer is investigated by the CBI. Cho must finally confront things that he’s been trying to avoid.
7pm, MBC Action

Golfing World
A daily mix of the latest golf news, tournament updates, golfing tips, highlights, interviews and much more.
1pm, OSN Sports 3

WWE Smackdown
Get ready for more adrenaline-charged WWE wrestling, featuring all the fighting favourites who have gripped grapple fans all over the world.
9pm, OSN Sports 4

Sat 24

Crime Town USA
The seemingly random murder of housewife Barbara Warthan breaks the peaceful veneer of Cassopolis, Michigan. Police dredge up a dark underbelly of crime.
3pm, Crime & Investigation Network

Baboons With Bill Bailey

It’s time for Fred to defend his role as the alpha male of the troop, but can he fend off intruder Jimmy?
9.05pm, Discovery Channel

Batman Begins
Following the death of his parents, young heir Bruce Wayne becomes a masked avenger who fights the forces of evil in Gotham City.
1.40pm, MBC 2

Ticking Clock
Seasoned crime journalist Lewis Hicks (Cuba Gooding Jr) races to prevent a notorious serial killer from striking again.
7.15pm, OSN Premiere +2

Perfect Couples

Vance and Amy, Rex and Leigh and Dave and Julia, are all at various stages in their relationships, yet all facing similar problems.
3.30pm, OSN Comedy

30 Rock
Liz returns from holiday with a new outlook that leaves her immune to Tracy’s acting out over Jenna’s new fame as a judge on America’s Kidz Got Singing. Meanwhile, Kenneth prepares for the Rapture.
6pm, OSN Comedy 2+

Super Bowl Highlights
Tune into this half-hour retrospective of some of the greatest American football games in history. Today it’s the XIV Pittsburgh Steelers against Los Angeles Rams.
3pm, Fox Sports

Live Top 14
The best rugby teams in France go head to head, producing top rugby union from the Northern Hemisphere. Toulon take on Racing tonight.
7.15pm, OSN Sports 3

Sun 25

Cake Boss
Buddy is asked to make a replica cake of the Heisman trophy.
6.20pm, Discovery Channel

Big Five Challenge
Contestants must photograph the Big Five animals to win the trip of a lifetime.
7.20pm, Animal Planet

Four Brothers
After their adoptive mother is murdered, the Mercer brothers reunite to avenge her death.
7pm, OSN Action HD

A sting operation goes awry when a crook unknowingly befriends an undercover cop.
9pm, OSN Movies Comedy

Franklin & Bash
Jared goes up against his own father in court over a collectible baseball from 1988.
7pm, OSN First HD

Friends with Benefits
Aaron discovers a girl he mentored in junior high has become an infamous star and feels he influenced her poorly.
7.30pm, OSN Comedy

WWE Bottom Line
A weekly highlights show for all grapple fans, bringing you the best action and the biggest hits from the week’s WWE events.
7pm, OSN Sports 4

Summer Dew Tour 2011
Action from the 2011 Dew Tour, featuring skate and BMX prowess.
8.40pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Thelma and Louise
A classic road trip drama starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis.
7.45pm, OSN Movies Festival

Mon 26

Is It Real?
Is there such a thing as a perfect society? Join the three-man research team to search for the elusive lost civilisation of Atlantis.
6pm, Nat Geo HD

Banged up Abroad

Billy Hayes is sent to a prison in Turkey.
9pm, Nat Geo Adventure

In a dystopic and crime-ridden Detroit, a policeman killed in the line of duty is resurrected as a half-human, half-robot cop.
8pm, OSN Movies Action


An undercover FBI agent resorts to extreme measures in order to track down a crime boss.
9pm, OSN Action HD

Raising Hope
As Hope learns to crawl, the family must baby-proof the house – and fast.
6pm, OSN Comedy +2

Desperate Housewives (Editor’s pick)
The funeral of a beloved Wisteria Lane resident leads to reminiscing. 9pm, OSN
First HD

Alli Presents
Watch the biggest action sports stars from around the world vying for the richest prizes.
6.10pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Pro12 Celtic League
A four-nation European football competition. Watch Connacht and Munster face off.
8pm, OSN Sports 3

Tue 27

Ancient Aliens
Could aliens have helped humans build ancient structures? Experts ask whether stones in France were a GPS system for ancient spacecraft.
6pm, History

Rescue Ink
The team stop a man who has been trapping animals.
7pm, Nat Geo Wild

While helping his latest client, a professional ‘date doctor’ finds the game doesn’t work on his own love interests.
6pm, MBC 2

The Social Network
A biopic of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.
7.45pm, OSN Cinema

Mad Love
Kate uses the building’s security cameras to spy on Ben when he’s forced to work late nights with an ex-girlfriend.
7.30pm, OSN Comedy

Criminal Minds
Prentiss is ready to confront her nemesis, Ian Doyle, once and for all.
8pm, Star World HD

AFL Premiership
It’s Aussie Rules today as the GWS Giants battle the Sydney Swans.
6.30pm, OSN Sports 3

NRL Premiership
All the action from Down Under as the West Tigers take on the Canberra Raiders.
8pm, OSN Sports 3

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If you’re going to stay in, make it for a good reason

If you’re going to stay in, make it for a good reason


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