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A Beautiful Mind on MBC2 and Live Super Rugby on OSN Sports

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Wed 11

A World Apart
From encounters with great white sharks to a traditional Swazi wedding, explore the stark contrast between South Africa’s urban and wild sides.
6pm, Nat Geo Adventure

Crime Town USA
A fortune teller and her daughter are found repeatedly stabbed and covered in paint.
9pm, Crime & Investigation

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
Two firemen plan to register as domestic partners to bypass bureaucratic red tape, but it soon turns into headline news.
7pm, OSN Movies Comedy

An ordinary teen turns into a web-slinging superhero after being bitten by a radioactive spider.
8pm, OSN Movies Action

Melissa & Joey
Lennox and Ryder make a documentary, while Mel has a wedding at her house.
6.20pm, Star World HD


A cop drama with a twist, set in a world in which fairy-tale characters exist. Tonight, Nick and Hank investigate a bizarre flash-mob homicide involving bee venom.
9pm, OSN First HD

Summer Dew Tour 2011
Action from the 2011 Dew Tour, featuring all the best skate, BMX and FMX competitors in events including vert, park and dirt.
6.10pm, Extreme Sports Channel

NRL Full Time
A round-up of the week’s pro rugby league action from Down Under.
8.30pm, OSN Sports 2

Thu 12

Apocalypse: The Second World War
After the ‘Blitzkrieg’ in 1940, Hitler failed to defeat the United Kingdom and decided to turn against his ‘ally’.
6pm, National Geo Channel HD

IRT: Deadliest Roads
The three drivers dare to climb higher than ever. But 4,000m up, the snow begins to melt and the roads vanish into slushy rivers.
9pm, History

Men In Black II
Otherworldly villains including Scrad (played by Johnny Knoxville) are on the loose, and Earth’s interstellar police force (Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith) must bring them to justice.
7pm, OSN Action HD

This 2008 Pixar animation is set in the distant future, where an undeniably cute robot helps to decide the fate of mankind.
9pm, Star Movies HD

Ugly Betty
Wilhelmina is livid when she lays eyes on impersonator, Wilhediva Hater. Meanwhile, Marc works on a photo shoot with a famous director.
6.20pm, Star World HD

A wrongly convicted southern chef hires Shawn and Gus to find the real thief.
8pm, OSN First

City Centre Races
Coverage of the gruelling half marathon series taking place through the streets of some of the UK’s best-known cities. Tonight it’s the survival of the fittest in Nottingham.
7pm, OSN Sports 2

Some of the world’s top endurance athletes battle it out in part two of the Canary Wharf Triathlon in London.
8pm, OSN Sports 2

Fri 13

Go back to the future to see a vision of the technological advancements that humans will soon be able to enjoy.
12.25pm, Discovery

Ultimate Traveller (Editor’s pick)
The next challenge for the backpackers is to make as many new friends as possible. They’ll then have to persuade their new pals to drop everything and join them on Gili Trawangan island.
7pm, Nat Geo Adventure

The Beach

Not quite ready to surrender himself to responsibility, Richard (Leo DiCaprio) travels to Asia and discovers that he’s not alone in his pursuit of adventure.
Noon, MBC2

Rob Roy
The true story of Robert Roy MacGregor, a hero of 18th-century Scotland, whose love for one woman gave him honour, courage and his life.
7.30pm, MBC2

Cougar Town
Jules (Courtney Cox) is in full-on wedding mode until Travis is involved in an accident and has to be rushed to hospital.
12.30pm, OSN Comedy +2

Hawaii Five-O
Remake of the ’70s cop show. Steve enters a charity martial arts fight while investigating the murder of a local restaurant owner.
3.55pm, OSN Action HD

Pro Bull Riders 2010
Join the world’s leading bull riders as they saddle up for another season of dangerous, edge-of-the-seat action.
12.45pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Live NRL Premiership
The latest Australian rugby league matches. Tonight, the Broncos from Brisbane take on the Canberra Raiders.
1.30pm, OSN Sports 4

Sat 14

Shark Men
After catching and releasing their first great whites, the team sets its sights on catching a bigger shark – a female.
1pm, Nat Geo Wild

Don’t Tell My Mother
This time, reporter Diego Bunuel travels around Democratic Republic of Congo, a place ridden with gang violence and political instability. What will he find?
6pm, Nat Geo Adventure

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
Two women get into trouble when they go to their school reunion and lie about their lives after high school.
2.30pm, MBC Max HD

Hook (Editor’s pick)
When Captain Hook kidnaps Peter Pan’s children, Peter must return to his long-abandoned Neverland to save them.
4pm, MBC Max HD

The Simpsons
Lisa challenges the makers of the Malibu Stacy doll to create a less sexist and pro-feminist toy. When they won’t listen, Lisa enlists the help of Mr Smithers to find Malibu Stacy’s original creator, Stacy Lovell.
1.30pm, OSN Comedy

Sons of Anarchy
Jax must choose between friendship and the club when one member is arrested for murder and another goes missing.
2pm, MBC Action HD

Live Super Rugby
The southern hemisphere’s best teams battle it out to see who will emerge as champions. Today, it’s on between the Brumbies and the Rebels.
1.30pm, OSN Sports 1 HD

Live Scottish Cup
Scotland’s top football teams go head to head in this annual knockout competition. Can Celtic retain the title they won in 2011?
6pm, OSN Sports 2

Sun 15

Naked Lentil
‘Lentil As Anything’ is a crazy little restaurant in Melbourne where there are no prices, no cash registers and no rules.
6.30pm, Nat Geo Adventure HD

Food School
Ruth Reichl arrives in Seattle for the salmon season.
9pm, Nat Geo Adventure

Pearl Harbor
Epic war action starring Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale.
7.30pm, Star Movies HD

Henry’s Crime
A man wrongly convicted of a robbery is released from jail, and decides to target the same bank he was accused of robbing.
9pm, OSN Premiere

Royal Pains
Ms Newberg’s heartbroken stepdaughter is hospitalised while Divya tries to add some excitement to her relationship with Raj.
7pm, OSN First HD

The Unit
Tom finds a lead in a terrorist attack and implements some extreme measures to get info.
8.40pm, Star World HD

WWE Experience
Highlights from theatrical wrestling shows Raw and Smackdown, with interviews, fight picks and more.
6pm, OSN Sports 4

Man’s Work
Ashley Harris gets his hands dirty doing dangerous jobs.
6.35pm, Extreme Sports Channel

A Beautiful Mind
Russell Crowe stars in this Oscar winner about a tortured maths genius.
3pm, MBC2

Mon 16

Flavours of Chile
In this episode Charlie visits the Atacama, the driest desert in the world, tries llama stew and visits an avocado farm.
6.30pm, Travel Channel

Night Stalkers
Night vision penetrates the darkness to reveal Africa’s hyenas hunting at night.
9pm, Nat Geo Wild

A rookie pilot and her friends are trapped in a showdown with a supernatural force.
7pm, OSN Action HD

Oliver Stone’s examination of the Vietnam War bagged an Oscar for Best Film, and made a star of Charlie Sheen.
9.05pm, MGM

The Protector
A young couple are found dead on the day they were supposed to report to jail.
7pm, OSN First +2

When Andre and Shirley decide to remarry, Britta and Annie offer to plan the wedding.
9pm, OSN Comedy

BMX Megatour
Six teams dash across Europe on a high-voltage BMX tour, with riders including Catfish and Steve Crandall.
7pm, Extreme Sports Channel

UFC – Primetime
Follow John Jones and Rashad Evans as they prepare for their upcoming bout.
9pm, OSN Sports 4

Tue 17

Ultimate Survival
Bear Grylls takes on the Anatolian plateau in Turkey, parachuting into a cold mountain lake.
6.20pm, Discovery

The world’s best party-planners start Chinese New Year with a bang.
6pm, National Geographic Channel

Dead Poets Society
An English professor inspires his students to seize the day. Robin Williams stars.
7.30pm, Star Movies HD

When a Man Loves a Woman
A couple must face the consequences of addiction when it threatens lives.
9pm, Star Movies HD

The Nine Lives of Chloe King
Chloe is unable to turn her back on Kai, a young man who asks for help in reuniting with his family.
7pm, OSN First HD

Grey’s Anatomy
Cristina makes Owen tell her about the intimate details of his affair.
8pm, OSN First HD

Talented wannabes from WWE’s wrestling academy compete for a slot on one of the WWE shows.
7pm, OSN Sports 4

Salad Days
Witness skiing’s new generation and the sessions they wish would last forever.
8.40pm, Extreme Sports Channel

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If you’re going to stay in, make it for a good reason


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