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Catch House of Sand and Fog or watch Secret Shark Pits

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Wed 13

Dogs 101
The show that explains everything you never knew about dogs. In this episode, find out which canine’s nose knows it all.
6.25pm, Animal Planet

Ninja Shrimp
Wildlife filmmaker Natali Tesche discovers what makes the ninja shrimp so special.
9pm, Nat Geo Wild HD

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The characters of several literary classics must combine their powers to save the world.
6pm, OSN Movies Action

Crazy in Alabama
Based on the book of the same name. An abused wife (Melanie Griffiths) heads to California to become a movie star.
8pm, MBC Max HD

The Protector
A woman balances her duty as an LAPD cop and single mother. Gloria and Michelle end up at an odd party while investigating a murder.
7pm, OSN First HD

Fantasy drama in which the characters are inspired by fairytales.
9pm, OSN First HD

Live Tennis Aegon Championships
Coverage of the annual outdoor grass court competition from Queen’s club in London.
7.30pm, OSN Sports 3

State of Origin
Game two of the annual rugby league battle between Australia’s Queensland and New South Wales. Will the Queensland Reds take the title?
8pm, OSN Sports 1 HD

Thu 14

The China Mystery Revealed
Michael Yamashita retraces Marco Polo’s steps and follows one of man’s greatest journeys across land.
6pm, National Geographic Channel HD

Food School
Foodie Ruth Reichl visits Cocinar Mexicano to see a nopal farm. Tonight, she cooks cilantro soup and fresh tortillas.
9pm, Nat Geo Adventure

Period drama set in 1890 with Omar Sharif. A Pony Express courier travels to Arabia to compete with his horse, Hidalgo, in a great contest.
7pm, OSN Action HD

Mad Love
Opposites attract when college-bound Matt (Chris O’Donnell) meets the beautiful and rebellious Casey (Drew Barrymore). But he soon finds she’s struggling with mental illness.
8pm, MBC Max HD

Mad Men
Starring Jon Hamm. The agency scrambles to lure new clients and Don makes a risky move in the hope that it will help them all.
7.05pm, MBC 4

A comedy drama addressing the modern challenges of raising kids in this post-technological world. Starring Dax Shepard and Gilmore Girls’ Lauren Graham.
8pm, OSN First HD

V8 Supercar Series Highlights
The best bits from this season’s V8 Supercar racing series. Tonight, tune in to race two from Australia’s Phillip Island.
6.30pm, OSN Sports 4

Wrestling talents from WWE’s academy compete to become a contracted member of the WWE shows Raw and SmackDown.
8pm, OSN Sports 2

House of Sand and Fog
Cultures clash in this film starring Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley.
8pm Fox Movies

Fri 15

Power, Privilege and Justice
Documentary examining the arrest and trial of Baretta and In Cold Blood actor Robert Blake, accused of murdering his wife in 2002.
Noon, Crime & Investigation

The Last Lioness
The moving story of Lady Liuwa, the last surviving lioness in Liuwa Plain in Zambia, and how she turned to human companionship.
5pm, Nat Geo Wild HD

Crime drama with Diane Lane. When a husband and wife witness a shakedown, they discover that the Witness Protection Program is no match for the killers.
1.30pm, MBC 2

Super Troopers
When the state governor decides to cut the police department’s budget, a bunch of no-hope traffic cops have to get their act together and prove they are worthy of their uniform.
8pm, Fox Movies

The Chicago Code
Crime drama about a department set up to expose corruption. After an apparent hate crime, Colvin risks tipping off Gibbons about her plan.
1pm, OSN First HD

New Girl
Jess (Zooey Deschanel) realises Schmidt is unfairly doing all of the housework.
9pm, OSN Comedy +2

Live NRL Premiership
All the bruising National Rugby League action from Down Under as two New South Wales teams battle it out: St George Dragons against the Western Bulldogs.
1.30pm, OSN Sports 2 HD

Tread BMX
Interviews with top BMX professionals, the biggest and best road trips, backyard jams and crashes of all time.
5.35pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Sat 16

The Planet’s Funniest Animals
Peek into the lives of the world’s most talented and entertaining animals.
2.45pm, Animal Planet

One Man and His Campervan
Foodie and travel buff Martin Corey tours Britain in his van. Tonight he gets lifesaving tips from a local expert and attempts to cook a French delicacy with a twist.
8.30pm, Nat Geo Adventure

Action with Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Quentin Tarantino. The Mariachi takes on an entire army of henchmen in a dusty border town as an act of revenge for the murder of his love.
Noon, Fox Movies

Romeo + Juliet
Baz Luhrmann’s remake of the Shakespeare classic. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.
8pm, OSN Movies Festival

Spy drama with Jennifer Garner. Vaughn is pressured into a rogue operation in exchange for info on his father. Nadia wants to learn about her mother, but Sydney doesn’t trust the source.
Noon, Fox Series

30 Rock
Smash-hit comedy starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. Jack revamps his efforts to rescue his wife while Liz agrees to mentor Hazel.
6pm, OSN Comedy +2

Live AFL Premiership
Action-packed matches from the Australian football league, as the nation’s best clubs do battle. Who will take it all the way to the final?
1.30pm, OSN Sports 4

Live One-Day International Cricket
Catch all the action from this fast-paced one-day international cricket test between England and the West Indies.
1.45pm, OSN Sports 1 HD

Sun 17

Border Security
Behind the scenes at Aussie customs headquarters.
6.20pm, Discovery

Around the World for Free
Adventurer Alex Boylan travels the world to see whether he can get by with no money.
8pm, Nat Geo Adventure

An ageing screenwriter (Anthony Hopkins) begins to doubt reality when the real world and his imagination become one.
7pm, OSN Premiere +2

Daytime soap comedy with Sally Field and Robert Downey Jr.
8pm, OSN Movies Festival

The Office US
The team seek to sabotage a welcome party for Nellie, Michael’s possible replacement.
6pm, OSN Comedy +2

Covert Affairs
A trainee CIA agent is sent into the field to work in the Domestic Protection Division.
8pm, OSN First HD

Live IRB Nations Cup
Portugal meet Uruguay in this rugby competition.
7pm, OSN Sports 3

Gotta Grudge
People try to settle their score in the ring.
8.20pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Mon 18

Brave New World
How 21st-century technology is shaping our future and our perception of the universe.
8.30pm, Discovery Science

Secret Shark Pits
Enter the underwater world of Mauritius to explore the mysteries of the shark pit.
9pm, Nat Geo Wild

Clint Eastwood drama starring Matt Damon. Three people are touched by death.
9pm, OSN Premiere

Hot Tub Time Machine
An ’80s-inspired comedy with John Cusack.
9pm, OSN Movies Comedy

Body of Proof

Medical drama following the life of medical examiner and mother Dr Megan Hunt.
7pm, OSN First HD

The Simpsons
Bart falls for Jimbo’s girlfriend Shauna after chaperoning her in the movie theatre.
9pm, OSN Comedy +2

Golfing World
A daily mix of the latest golfing news, tournament updates, tips, highlights, interviews and much more.
7pm, OSN Sports 3

UFC – Johnson v McCall
Rematch of the MMA fight between flyweights Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall.
9pm, OSN Sports 4

Tue 19

Maneater Manhunt
Gordon Buchanan travels to Nepal to investigate the tiger.
7pm, Nat Geo Wild HD

Food Lover’s Guide to the Planet
Tonight the team head to Andalucia, the birthplace of classic Spanish dishes.
9pm, Nat Geo Adventure

The Girl In The Park
A woman (Sigourney Weaver) haunted by the disappearance of her child obsesses that a troubled young woman (Kate Bosworth) may be her daughter.
6pm, OSN Movies Festival

Kill Bill: Volume 1
Quentin Tarantino action flick.
8pm, Fox Movies

Man Up!
US sitcom about three men with childish lifestyles. Will tries to find a gift for his son’s 13th birthday that expresses his manliness.
7.30pm, OSN Comedy

Royal Pains
A doctor runs a private practice out of the Hamptons.
9pm, OSN First HD

Super Rugby Highlights
The best of this week’s southern hemisphere Super Rugby action.
8pm, OSN Sports 2 HD

Ireland’s gruelling triathalon event that tests competitors to their limits.
9pm, OSN Sports 3

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