TV highlights in the UAE

Catch Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li on MBC2

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Wed 7

Clean House
A junkaholic is dead set against letting her kids take away her belongings. Can the Clean House crew wrestle those precious items away?
5.35pm, The Style Network

Da Vinci’s Machines
The crew build the master’s biggest design: a three-storey siege ladder.
1.10pm, Discovery Science

CSI Las Vegas
The CSIs investigate a mystery that involves dumping organs in a wildlife refuge.
8.30pm, Fox Series

Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li

Based on the popular Street Fighter video game franchise, female fighter Chun-Li embarks on a quest for justice.
7pm, MBC2

Tread BMX
The best bike action from around the globe, including interviews with professionals.
5.35pm, Extreme Sports

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
Martial arts movie mayhem
7pm, MBC2

Thu 8

Antiques Roadshow
Experts invite the local public to bring along some of their antiques for valuation.
10.20pm, BBC Lifestyle

Mighty Ships
Off the coast of Africa, a futuristic remote crawler sucks up seabed gravel full of diamonds, to be delivered across the world.
7.40pm, Discovery HD Showcase

American Horror Story
Drama. Constance is unhappy that Vivien’s sister Jo will be helping to take care of the baby.
10pm, OSN First HD

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Someone has stolen King Neptune’s crown. With the voice of Alec Baldwin.
2pm, OSN Cinema

NFL Gameday
Coverage of the most popular US sporting competition, as NFL teams from the AFC and NFC battle it out for a place in the Super Bowl.
7.30pm, OSN Sports 2 HD

Fri 9

Keeping up with the Kardashians
Khloe Kardashian walks down the aisle with LA Lakers star Lamar Odom.
11.15pm, E! Entertainment

Under New York
Witness the inner workings of the Big Apple through a team of adventurers as they provide a history of the city.
4.15pm, Discovery Science

Chandler is peeved when Monica splurges on an expensive pair of boots. Phoebe learns Ross and Sting’s children attend the same school.
5.30pm, OSN Comedy HD

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
A young boy wins a tour through a magical factory.
2pm, MBC 2

WWE Next
The show follows selected talent from WWE’s academy as they try to make it.
7pm, OSN Sport 4

Sat 10

Shark Men Tagging Tigers
New teams, shark species, and landing methods are used in a strange territory.
11.05pm, Nat Geo Wild

Bondi Rescue 2
It’s Christmas Day and the swell sends shivers up the lifeguards as they set up in the morning. Tourists and surf can be a dangerous mix.
7.30pm, Nat Geo Adv HD

Punisher: War Zone
After killing hundreds of violent criminals, The Punisher faces his most deadly foe yet: Jigsaw.
8pm, MBC Action

Drama based in Northern England about nine-to-five job drudgery, fashion, the ‘football casual’ and a spot of fighting among rival soccer gangs.
11pm, OSN Cinema +2

Live International Rugby Union
The world’s top teams go head to head at a bit of egg chasing.
8pm, OSN Sports 1 HD

Sun 11

Dynamo: Magician Impossible 3
The magician travels to LA, to wow the public with his unique tricks.
9pm, Discovery

Monster Fish
Fish biologist and conservation expert, Zeb Hogan, travels to Thailand to discover why the country is home to so many giant freshwater fish.
8pm, Nat Geo Wild

While in a coma Bobby makes his way through a hazy network of memories
11pm, OSN First

Quarantine 2: Terminal
Horror. A flight from LAX to Nashville takes a terrifying turn as passengers contract a virus.
11pm, OSN Movies Action

UFC: Franklin vs Le
The UFC makes its debut in Macao, China, where two of the sport’s biggest names headline an impressive fight card. Expect blood, sweat but no tears.
8pm, OSN Sports 4

Mon 12

How Do I Look?
A 43-year-old single woman wants to meet a man but is dressing like a wacky hippie from decades past.
11pm, The Style Network

I’m Alive
Second series featuring the death-defying stories of people determined to survive an animal attack.
1.45pm, Animal Planet

Modern Family
The family prepares for Alex’s middle-school graduation, while Jay does his best to hide a cosmetic procedure mishap.
Midnight, Fox Series

Exorcist: The Beginning
Prequel set years before the infamous and, frankly, terrifying original scary movie.
3pm, MBC2

Sea Master Sailing
A round-up of the news from the GP season, featuring interviews with contenders.
1pm, OSN Sport 3

Tue 13

Guy’s Big Bite
Guy Fieri cooks another on-point meal, this time featuring thick-cut country ribs braised in pepper sauce.
8.15pm, Food Network

Angry Planet
Presenter George gets the chance to experience some of the incredibly extreme training that’s involved in actual space travel.
8.30pm Travel Channel

While Carrie is confined to bed, Saul investigates her timeline. Series one.
10pm, OSN First HD

The Illusionist
A magician uses his abilities to secure the love of a woman far above his social standing.
8pm, MBC 2

Premier League Snooker
The sport’s biggest names go head-to-head in a league format
5pm, OSN Sports 3

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