Five things to watch this week

Man v Monster, Fight Club and more of the week's best TV

Time In

The Life Aquatic
Bill Murray at his best as a famous oceanographer on one last mission.
9.15pm, Wednesday April 3, Star Movies HD.

Man V. Monster
Richard Terry goes to the Amazon to unearth an eight-legged creature terrorizing remote villages.
6pm, Thursday April 4, Nat Geo Wild HD.

Million Dollar Rooms
An inside look at some of the most lavish rooms ever created.
10.10pm, Friday April 5, Fine Living.

Fight Club
Classic Brad Pitt movie about a global organisation set up to help vent male aggression.
9.30pm, Saturday April 6, Fox Movies.

90s vs 80s

Two classic decades of pop pitted against each other. Which decade will reign ultimate supreme?
11pm, Sunday April 7, VH1.

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