Mad Men season 6 Jon Hamm interview

Don Draper on playing one of TV's most talked about men

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American actor Jon Hamm reveals what it’s like playing one of TV’s most talked about men in season six of Mad Men, which is now available to download on iTunes.

Now in its second-to-last season, Emmy-winning US series Mad Men continues to captivate audiences with its subtle insight into social stigmas of the ’60s. Here, Jon Hamm, aka the alluring Don Draper, tells us how he still manages to blow off all the unwanted attention.

Now that shooting of season six has ended, is there a sense on set of approaching the final story arcs?
We’re all very aware that it’s coming. It’s bittersweet. I watched my friends at 30 Rock go through it this year, and they were very emotional. You develop familial relations with these people. Hold on one second. My girlfriend’s leaving. [To her: ‘Bye, baby. I love you.’] Sorry you had to hear that.

There are two threads in coverage of you: how your history resembles Don’s, given the early loss of your own parents, and how your personality differs from his, given your penchant for comedy.
My personal situation is reminiscent of Don. I don’t think it perfectly echoes it. I don’t think there are many people that could be in the modern world and be like Don Draper. You would not get very far with human relations departments. I was talking to Bryan Cranston [Breaking Bad] and I was like, ‘Do people ever ask you if you’re like Walter White?’ He was like, ‘No.’ Yeah, why do I get that one? Why is that the narrative?

Why do you think you get that?
I don’t know. Why do you think it is? It’s kind of insulting to be like, ‘Hey, you remind me of that philandering, horrible person you play on TV.’

Or it’s flattering: Don feels so real he must have some basis in your biography.
I guess that’s a positive spin. Maybe I’ll think of it that way.

Ever read a script and said, ‘I don’t think Don would do this’?
I really haven’t. I have a deep-seated trust in [series creator] Matt [Weiner]’s ability to tell a story, and he’s earned that trust.

You sound content. Maybe that’s how you’re most unlike Don.
[Laughs] I’m a pretty happy guy. [Long-time girlfriend] Jen [Westfeldt] is a lovely woman and our lives are pretty good together, and we have a great dog and a great house. And yeah, I enjoy it.
Mad Men season six is now available to download on iTunes from Dhs10 per episode.

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