Meet a Dubai-based games developer

We ask a pro why there's not more games made in the UAE

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Dubai-based Anton Gonzalez from game developers Game Design Solutions talks about the industry

How do you come up with new concepts for games?
Well in general if you look at most of the popular games out there, they are not actually that new. Most of them are franchises. It’s like movies. There are some really unique games though that are available but they are more likely to be independent, with a smaller budget and more freedom.

How heavily is the industry moving towards virtual reality at the moment?
It’s hard to say at this point. Really soon we will see some new device called Oculus Rift, which are virtual-reality glasses. These glasses are attracting a lot of interest but it’s fairly hard to predict how popular they will become.

What kind of impact has 3D cinema had on the industry?
It’s not really had a big impact. Gamers usually spend more time playing a game; much less than the two hours spent in the cinema. It’s also hard to play for a long time with glasses on, so I don’t think it will have that much of a big impact until the technology changes.

Why don’t we see many home-grown games?
We see some games but not a lot, that’s true. Most of them are independent games or games for mobile phones. It’s really hard to make a cool game even if you have a great idea. You can ruin everything with bad art, game play or a weak non-user-friendly interface. There are so many games on the mobile market that it’s hard even to promote your game without investing lots of money.

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