Sebastian Faulks on Jeeves and Wooster

Having re-imagined Bond the author turns his hands to Wooster and co.

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What were your favourite books when you were growing up?
The stories about Doctor Dolittle, Sherlock Holmes and Jeeves. Then I read books by Jane Austen, Dickens, DH Lawrence and lots of 1960s American poets. At first I looked to escape from the world; then I tried to understand it and to engage with it.

Which book have you re-read more than any other?
I read The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis quite a few times because it made me laugh so much. Also Success and Money – about four times each. I’m always reading or re-reading bits of Proust.

Has a book ever compelled you to do something totally stupid?
The Oresteian trilogy of Greek tragedies inspired me to murder my father in the bath and sacrifice my sister on a pyre. I blame my missing toes on polar frostbite sustained after reading The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard.

Has a book ever inspired you to be anything other than an author?
Tolstoy made me want to be an enlightened landowner who ends up marrying a naughty princess who is really too young for me.

Which is your favourite Bond book?
Live And Let Die has a great final scene. I like Moonraker, too. And the car chase is in Kent.

Which book do you wish that you’d written?
I would like to have written The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald. But I would have liked people to recognise in my lifetime how good the book actually was, so I wouldn’t have had to go to Hollywood and write terrible scripts first.

Do you draw any ideas from non-fiction work?
No. I find inspiration in my dreams, which do tend to be exhausting and florid.
Jeeves and the Wedding Bells, Sebastian Faulks’s new book, is out now, Dhs58 from

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