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Keep yourself amused with this heat beating summer kit

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Mario Kart 8
Hop on a quad and race around a virtual track with Mario and pals. The snow-capped mountain scenes will surely keep you cool. Released May 28, available in the UAE soon.
Price to be confirmed,

Watch Dogs
This action-adventure video game was released in the UK on May 27, and is currently waiting approval in the UAE. Set within a fictional version of Chicago, the single-player story follows a hacker and his efforts to seek revenge after the accidental death of his niece.
Price to be confirmed.

Kurio 7s
If your kids are climbing the walls with boredom, then surprise them with this newly released Kurio 7s games tablet. It has a 7in screen, 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, 8GB storage, built-in wifi as well as two front speakers and a front and rear facing camera. It can be programmed in English and Arabic. You won’t see your kids for the rest of summer.

How to Train Your Dragon

This PlayStation3 How To Train Your Dragon video game lets players embark on a heroic adventure on their way to becoming a formidable dragon rider alongside the beloved characters from the eponymous film. Choosing from a variety of riders and dragons, players will enter a dragon flight school filled with tournament events and challenging training exercises on the Viking Isle of Berk.

Furby Furblings
Little ones will enjoy playing with Furby Furblings (Dhs139), a virtual pet with its own personality – it even talks. Your kids can also collect Furby Boom creatures (sold separately, Dhs139).
All now for sale in Toys “R” Us, Mina Port (02 673 2332), Dalma Mall (02 551 6717) and Bawadi Mall in Al Ain, (03 784 0290).

3Doodler is a 3D pen that allows you to draw in the air. You can sketch freestyle or trace shapes from templates to make larger objects.

Looq Selfie Extender Wand
Fans of selfies, rejoice. The Looq Selfie Extender Wand, or ‘selfie stick’ helps you takes the perfect shot so you can post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It works for Android and iPhones – just download an app first.

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